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(Video) Heart-Melter: Troubled Pre-Teen Turns Drill Instructor to Mush


Postmodern social engineers insist that moms and dads don’t matter – that one or the other is expendable. Regrettably, children are the victims of such destructive thinking. Homosexual duos are acquiring children across the country at an alarming rate and telling those children that they now, somehow, miraculously have “two moms” or “two dads” – despite the fundamental absurdity of such a biological and social impossibility. They’re intentionally creating motherless and fatherless homes, thereby putting the selfish wants of adults above the undeniable needs of children. Although it’s not always possible, kids have a right to a mom and a dad. describes the above video that, in a few brief seconds, illustrates this transcendent reality. Notes Clash: “In an episode of Jenny Jones titled ‘Boot Camp My Pre-Teen,’ a young boy melts the heart of a drill instructor sent to teach the boy some respect and discipline.”

Homosexuals, watch closely and please think twice before intentionally depriving some poor child of a mom or a dad. Real parents, you should likewise think twice before throwing in the towel and jumping feet first into a “no fault” divorce.


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