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Latest Excuse for Pause in Global Warming

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano has identified nine different excuses that have been put in circulation in an effort to explain why the pause in global warming. The evidence now points to a trend in global cooling, which could persist for much of the 21st Century.

Update Feb. 27, 2014: A new excuse (#9) of the global warming ‘pause’ according to NASA scientists — ‘Coincidence!’ — ‘Coincidence, conspired to dampen warming trends’

Update Feb. 9, 2014: New paper finds excuse #8 for the ‘pause’ in global warming: Pacific trade winds

Welcome to the world of ‘settled science’. With the latest study now placing blame on Sun for the ‘pause’ in global temperatures, that means there have been at least five seven eight nine separate explanations to attempt to explain the standstill in global warming. There is seemingly no end to warmists’ attempts to explain the global warming standstill.  As blogger Tom Nelson noted: ‘If we don’t understand lack of warming post-1998, how can we understand warming pre-1998?’

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