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Video: Co-Sponsor Defends Now Vetoed AZ Religious Freedom Bill


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has bowed to the bullies and vetoed that state’s religious protections bill (SB-1062). What exactly would this bill have done?

Tuesday on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto program, Arizona State Sen. Nancy Barto, a co-sponsor of the religious freedom bill (SB-1062), spoke out in defense of the proposed legislation. As she clearly indicated, this law would have protected all individuals, including a homosexual printer from being forced to print offensive materials for the Westboro Baptist Church.

This bill would not have, as has been falsely asserted, allow for the denial of life-saving emergency care or general medical treatment for homosexuals. There are already current laws on the books that would prevent such abuses.

This measure also would not have permitted individuals or businesses to deny products or services solely on the basis of sexual preferences. In other words, as an example, a restaurant owner would not have been allowed to turn away a homosexual individual or couple that merely wanted to eat a meal at their establishment. However, on the other hand, SB-1062 would have protected that same restaurant owner from being forced to use his business as a reception hall for homosexual couples, provided that it is in violation of his deeply held religious beliefs or conscience rights.

Finally, as State Senator Barto indicated, very clear safeguards were included in the bill which would have required a person to prove that their objections were based upon religious convictions.

SB-1062 was very clearly a bill that stood in the cherished tradition of protecting the First Amendment rights of all individuals.

It’s sad that against today’s tsunami of anti-Christian hate coming from the left, such bills are even necessary.


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