2 Polls – 2 Different Results in Senate Race

I keep telling everyone that most polls are rigged from the beginning and that you can’t trust polls to always reveal the truth.

If you want poll results to favor Democrats, you take the poll in major cities and if you want it to favor Republicans, you take the poll in more rural areas.

Don’t forget that in 2016, most of the major polls (which are liberal) declared Hillary Clinton to be a overwhelming victor in the election, but thankfully, those polls were very wrong.

An example of how polls can differ so much from each other is evident from the results of two polls on the contested Senate race in West Virginia.

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The Washington Times – A pair of polls released this week tell very different stories in West Virginia’s Senate race, with one suggesting the GOP could be poised for a major win and another showing the incumbent Democrat is on track to trounce his challenger.

An Oct. 21 survey conducted for Gray Television gives Sen. Joe Manchin III a whopping 16-point lead over his Republican opponent, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Republicans have long viewed West Virginia as an opportunity to snatch a Senate seat from Democrats, given that President Trump carried the state by more than 40 points in the 2016 election and nearly 60 percent of voters there approve of his job performance.

Mr. Manchin — long seen as the most conservative Democrat in the Senate — has appealed to Republicans and conservative-leaning independents throughout his campaign, most notably by backing Mr. Trump’s pick of Brett M. Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and touting his work Republicans on health care, veterans’ issues, and other matters.

Pollsters say his campaign strategy is working…

When I was in college and taking a course in advanced statistics, we has an assigned to conduct a poll.

We all had the same topic, but were allowed to write our own questions and determine who we would poll, providing we each polled a minimum of 100 people.

In the end, the results were all over the place with some being lopsided one way or another and others revealed equal opinions from both sides.

This is why I trust so few polls and rarely trust polls conducted by liberals unless the results are not what the liberals want.

All I can say is NOT to let polls sway you on how you vote.




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David Jolly
R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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