2 Obama Judges Force Religious Sisters to Violate Their Faith

From before Obamacare was passed by Obama’s Congress, I contended that it had nothing to do with affordable health and had everything to do with forcing Americans to adhere to a national socialist program.

It also was used to hide a number of tax increases on the middle class and poor, after Obama promised not to do.

It also was designed to force Christians to violate their faith or face stiff fines and jail

The contraception mandate was intentionally written for that purpose of attacking the strong institution of Christianity in America.

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President Donald Trump tried to repeal most of the contraception mandate, but in two separate cases, Obama appointed Judges ruled that religious sisters groups had to pay for contraception and thus violate their religious beliefs.

Life Site – Federal judges block Trump admin, force religious sisters to pay for contraception – Just as new Trump administration rules sparing objectors from subsidizing contraception against their will were slated to take effect, two federal judges have issued injunctions to keep the Obamacare mandate in place for the time being.

In November, the administration announced two final rules to protect Americans from being forced to subsidize abortion in government-mandated health insurance plans. One of the rules covered conscience objections on the basis of “sincerely held religious beliefs,” and the other protected small businesses and nonprofits with non-religious moral objections.

The administration explained that the rules would also protect churches, integrated auxiliaries, religious orders, non-governmental educational institutions, various other types of non-governmental employees with religious objections, health insurance issuers that serve exempted individuals or plan sponsors, and individuals covered by either employer-based insurance or individual plans. Of particular concern was the fact that some “contraceptives” function by killing an already-conceived embryonic human…

America is under attack, but not by some external power, but from within by those who desire to turn the country in an ugly, tyrannical socialist state.

It’s ironic that friends of mine who were born and raised in socialist countries see what’s happening in America today and yet the majority of Americans are clueless.

They are clueless because the public education system and mainstream media are part of the socialist forces attacking the very foundation of America.

One European friend told me that the American people are like a frog in a pot of water on the stove.

If placed in hot water, the frog jumps out, but if placed in cool or warm water, the frog remains, even as the heat is turned on, heating the water up to the point of killing the frog.

Like that frog, America is about to croak!



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