Stunning Victory for New Governor Matt Bevin

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In a stunning victory, Matt Bevin is now the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The first Republican governor in 43 years. But even more important than that, he is a strong supporter of Kim Davis. He has publicly appeared with Kim Davis. He visited her while she was in jail. He is an outspoken Christian as well. It has stunned all of the political pundits.

Mat Staver: Matt, I was watching the results of the election, and when it was ultimately called it was a stunning moment. Because, going into the election the polls were showing that Matt Bevin, the Republican candidate for governor, was trailing by about 5%. But he ended up trouncing his opponent, who was the Attorney General, or currently at this moment still is the Attorney General…he leaves office in a few weeks. And he’s the one who was on the other side of the same sex marriage issue. This is a stunning victory. Every time you do a search for Matt Bevin and Kim Davis, you will find them mentioned in the same article when it talks about his victory.

Matt Barber: Well, the Democratic nominee, Jack Conway, of course as you mentioned Matt, was the Attorney General who refused to defend Kentucky’s marriage amendment, defending marriage as it’s always been, between a man and a woman. then Matt Bevin came out, very publicly, went and visited Kim Davis in jail. we have the photographs of him with her. And he said publicly, “I absolutely support her willingness…to stand on her First Amendment rights. Without any question I support her.”

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So it’s interesting because this gubernatorial election in Kentucky ended up being, really, a referendum on the Supreme Court’s foisting, unconstitutionally, gay marriage on the American people. And Kim Davis’ stand for her freedom of conscience and first Amendment rights.

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