US Missionary in Nepal: ‘The Needs Are Staggering’

CBN News — Eight million people have been impacted by Saturday’s deadly earthquake in Nepal. The United Nations reports the death toll has reached 4,400.

Across central Nepal, hundreds of thousands of people are living in the open without clean water and sanitation.  Emergency officials say more than 1.4 million people are in need of food in the country.

American photographer Dean Tatooles was among airline passengers forced to evacuate a plane in the Nepal’s capital as the earthquake struck.

“It was the type of screaming and shrills that equate to like a horror movie really. There was panic; there was pandemonium,” he recalled.

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Meanwhile, CBN News has received new information from American missionary Deborah Strong regarding the devastating aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Strong, who is in on the ground in Katmandu, hails from New Life Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“For the nation….please pray the Church of Nepal rises big during all this,” she writes. “The needs are staggering, with homes destroyed, families injured and without homes, food, water, etc.”

“The major need right now, as in any disaster, is water to drink, food, tents, tarps, blankets,” she continued. “Many have written asking what they can do to help. The biggest need right now is for money to buy all the above.”

She goes on to write, “It is an ideal moment in time to share Jesus’ love and truth.”

The death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers make their way to remote communities.

Report via CBN News

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