Satan and the GLBT Demons (Part 1)

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And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (Rev.12:9)

Ever ask yourself where these characters are today? Well, they are here and will be here until the day they are thrown into the lake of fire. Lurking behind many disguises and some very sweet looking masks are the enemies of the cross and of the Living God.

Apostle Paul advised us to “put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” He took the teaching moment much further when he added; “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph.6:11-12)

Should you have difficulty in accepting these two truths, pray for the opening of your spiritual eyes so you can see through heaven’s eyes rather than earthly eyes or just don’t bother reading any farther.

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Ask yourself who would take the Creator’s “rainbow in the sky,” a promise to mankind, copy it and make it the logo for sexual perversion?

Who would counterfeit the holy institution of marriage, one man and one woman, and re-write it to mean men can marry men, and women marry women?

Who would dare challenge God’s creation of male and female and offer the use of chemicals and sex surgery so some can masquerade opposite of their birth sex?

It is none other than Satan himself. His task is to make war with the remnant that keeps the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus Christ. He still comes as ‘an angel of light.’ He knows scripture and can add to it and twists it so that the elect would be deceived if that were possible.

During the years Satan had me bound by the demons of homosexuality, I saw enough into the world of darkness to understand its reality. While living in Norfolk, I was employed by the owner of an art gallery who also managed rental properties. My job was to freshen up the paint in houses and apartments for the next tenant after someone moved out.

On one occasion, while my employer was out of town, one of my tasks for the week was to clean out the basement of his house. I put that task off until the very end of the week, because I was actually afraid to go down in the earthen floor basement to rid it of the homeless squatter’s belongings.

The night before I was due to accomplish this dreaded assignment, I did something I had not done in fifteen years or more; I got on my knees to pray. Somehow I knew I was about to face the rulers of the darkness of this world.

After asking God to be with me and protect me, I jumped into bed. What happened next must have been a vision because not enough time had passed for me to be asleep and dreaming. I saw the pile of junk I was to remove from the basement and watched a snake crawl out from beneath it. In my ignorance of the dark side of the supernatural I thought God was telling me to watch out for the snake, but He was warning me about a much bigger serpent!

The next day I gathered some 50 gallon trash bags, a spotlight and an iron pipe and headed into the cellar. Entry to the earthen floor basement was an exterior entrance much like a tornado shelter. As I swung the heavy wooden cellar doors open my heart raced with fear. While I climbed down the steps I began banging the pipe on anything that would make a noise in hopes of scaring off any snake. Once my feet were on the ground I began shining the spotlight all around.

I felt like I had stepped into a live horror story. Enormous spider webs were hanging everywhere. The place was damp and cold. What was this place of darkness I had entered? All through the basement were wooden stalls with doors that one might keep animals behind. My imagination went wild as I could only imagine what was going to take place in this basement behind these “cages.”

Humanly, I was alone in the basement, but I could sense there were many eyes watching me. I began to sing hymns I use to sing as a kid in church. I couldn’t remember all of the words, but what came to mind I sang out loudly. I knew my only line of defense was God’s Word from those “old –timey” hymns.

As in fast forwarding a movie, I began to stuff the unwanted items into the plastic bags and in a flash the task was completed. What a relief when I exited the cellar and slammed the door. I had been expecting to be captured and locked up any moment the entire time I was down there.

I caught my breath and immediately entered the house to retrieve my car keys and sunglasses. Before leaving, I noticed all of the eyes in the pictures glaring at me. Often I had studied the art work, but for the first time I understood what they all had in common. It was the eyes. It was Satan himself glaring at me.

All of a sudden my brain put little incidences together to paint a bigger picture. Many times I had been invited to attend the “calling of the dead” that occurred weekly in the room of this house where the windows were painted black. It seemed that every time I turned around my employer was trying to get me to drink something or eat something that was described as “good for you.” There had also been an ongoing campaign at the gay bar I frequented to convince me to be hypnotized. I had a feeling I had truly encountered the occult.

On Sunday, I visited the Unitarian church where my employer was also a preacher. He had supposedly been away all week at a seminar for pastors to be alone with God. Even though the dots were connecting to indicate satanic activity, I was still curious enough to attend the service. It ended up being my last.

When he began to preach he went into a “trance” speaking with a different accent and under the name of St. Benedict. As I watched this unexplainable happening, I saw the devil’s head on his body and knew God Almighty was intervening and saying, “get out!”

In Part 2 of Satan and the GLBT Demons I’ll share how I escaped.

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Linda Wall
Linda Wall is a former lesbian, delivered from homosexuality by the power of the Living Jesus Christ. She has worked for the Virginia General Assembly, lobbied for traditional values and ran for the Virginia House of Delegates.She is founder and CEO of Virginia Mass Resistance, a Judeo-Christian group whose mission is to resist the forces behind the lgbt movement threatening the Judeo-Christian values of America. She is available to share her testimony with church groups.

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