Obama’s Immigration Amnesty: Joy for Some and Sadness for Many

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Obama announced yesterday, November 20, 2014, a major amnesty benefiting millions of illegal immigrants.

Obama is not doing it for kindness. It is similar to “bolsa-família,” a populist family-fund program from the Brazilian government that provides cash to millions of Brazilians. In fact, the government of President Barack Obama thinks that this Brazilian program is very important.

Many of those benefited by Obama’s amnesty are also Brazilians, who are fleeing from the leftist hell in Brazil, but by being aided by Obama, they are also aiding to produce the leftist hell in the U.S.

The handout (family fund) of President Dima Rousseff is bad, but is the handout (amnesty) of President Barack Obama good? After all, what is this story?

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Well, Brazilian evangelical and Catholic conservatives who are in the U.S. are celebrating Obama’s immigration amnesty. Some of these Brazilians are my friends and I am seeing their celebration.

Yet, American evangelical and Catholic conservatives are not celebrating, because they know that this massive handout is Obama’s strategy to solidify the socialist hell in the U.S. Some of these Americans are my friends and I am seeing their sadness.

In this situation, what side would you choose? Would you celebrate with Brazilian evangelical and catholic conservatives who need the immigration amnesty?

Or would you cry with American evangelical and catholic conservatives?

What side would you choose?

What I find most troubling is the Brazilian attitude. They condemn Rousseff’s family fund as a strategy to solidify her socialist power, but they are eager to get Obama’s immigration amnesty, whose strategy is solidify the socialist power in the U.S.

Immigrants granted amnesty today will be the future voters for Obama’s Democratic Party, which is similar to the ruling Workers’ Party of Rousseff in regard to anti-life and anti-family policies.

Even though most of the immigrants, including Brazilians, are against abortion and gay “marriage,” they have relatives who also need the generous immigration amnesty of the Democratic Party, regardless if this party is pro-abortion and pro-sodomy.

What is most important in this situation?

Money and prosperity. When people want them, they do not care about the means to get them.

I watched on YouTube a prank of a handsome young man in a very expensive car. He drove through several streets and offered — just by signaling with his hands, with no word — a lift to several beautiful young women who were walking on the sidewalk. Even though they were suspicious about him and objected that they did not know him, all of them accepted the ride.

Money, prosperity and comfort draw people.

Obama is offering a ride with the car that past generations of Americans worked hard to get.

Brazilian conservatives do not care about the motivations of him who is offering the ride. They want to ride and be a part of the money, prosperity and comfort.

The socialist side that has this power is going to get the support even from Brazilian conservatives. It is what is happening between them and Obama. They say that they are fleeing Rousseff’s handouts, but run for Obama’s handouts and even ask help from Obama, expecting him to deliver them from socialist Rousseff.

What do not money, prosperity and comfort do to people? They forget that they are conservative. But socialists — whether Obama or Rousseff — do not forget what they are.

Family funds, immigration amnesties and other “rides” are part of the socialist revolution sweeping Brazil and the U.S.

Conservatives should stop using clever and even illegal ways to enter the U.S.

Some years ago I was in a prayer meeting in Brazil and the Presbyterian minister asked prayer for a young couple, who was about to travel to the U.S. It was not just a trip. It was a move.

They had all the papers necessary for the trip. They had paid a very large sum to an American group to get fake papers.

They had a very successful trip. Later, they were granted amnesty. Now, they are “American.” Now, they have money, prosperity and comfort.

Did God hear their prayer?

Is God hearing Obama’s socialist “prayers”?

Portuguese version of this article: Anistia imigratória do Obama: alegria de uns e tristeza de muitos

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