Bite Your Tongue, Shoot Yourself, and Condemn Your Neighbor

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The American political class–media types and Leftist politicians and bureaucrats–is helping our enemies destroy the country.  Unless Americans take a stand and fight back, aggressively, liberty and justice will become quaint ideas from a bygone era.

As to Garland, TX, the political class tells us Pam Geller has the right to free speech, but she should not exercise that right for fear of angering some jihadist murder.  In the first place, how dare they tell Geller anything?  Secondly, how idiotic is it to tell an American not to exercise a God-given right, especially when the exercise is what sustains the right.

That is the point!

Islamists and Leftists don’t want you exercising your rights because their goal is first to suspend your rights, then destroy them.   Call it Sharia, call it central control, it all boils down to dictatorship. They want to likewise shackle the police who might otherwise protect and defend.

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Members of the political class side with jihadists, decry free speech by certain citizens, then mourn the deaths of vicious murders, lunatics who deserved to die.  Those men attacked Geller and the people attending a private event.  They came with automatic rifles to kill, and instead were killed in the attempt.  Imagine the enormous imbecility required to accommodate savages, condemn citizens and insist on appeasement, a non-starter for centuries.

The false narrative claiming ‘systemic’ problems with police departments is being driven by these vested interests.  Think about it for a moment.  When does it make sense to embrace an agenda from any source driven by threats and violence, an agenda condemning police generally based on isolated, infrequent and exaggerated incidents?

The Left has always peddled hope and change by causing crises (non-existent problems), claiming exclusive possession of solutions, and those solutions always involve more investigations, more tax money spent, more government programs, more waste and more concentrated power in Washington.  So the Left has an interest in manufactured crisis to forward its agenda: demoralization, and collapse, leading to ‘fundamental transformation.’

Jihadists profit from mayhem in our streets as well.  How better to infiltrate, agitate, demoralize, and run operatives within our border than to distract officials with this false narrative, and weaken police.  Here we are subject to the escalations of vicious enemies within and without, and what does official Washington recommend?  More of the same, with the added brilliance of telling the world our police are out of control.  It’s mindless.

An added point: the political class and the Jihadists work together, leveraging our resources to their benefit, while exploiting our free and open society for the sole purpose of shutting it down.

Remember, the false narrative is being driven hour by hour by people saying unrest in these communities ‘throughout the country’ is proof the police are committing brutal acts driven by racism.

Challenge the assumption unrest necessarily indicts police.  It does not!

Perhaps these communities are experiencing unrest because they’ve been stirred up by Leftist and Jihadist agitators, and perhaps they are ripe for the stirring thanks to Leftists subsidizing indolence, lawlessness and immorality for decades?

Face it, the inner city is a tinder box thanks to Leftist subsides in the billions, followed by periods of neglect, followed by more useless spending, followed by more periods of neglect.  Leftists in state and federal government essentially created detention camps in the inner city, creating huge populations glad to repay with votes.

Any wonder these voting inmates are nonetheless fed up living in the center of unending crime, violence, and depravation without any hope of escape?  Instead of blaming the real causes, the political class and their Jihadist allies blame America, white people, Christians, gun owners, conservatives, police, military personnel, and capitalism.  How convenient and how stupid we are to swallow this bilge.

If it continues, say howdy to Sharia law, and goodbye to reliable police protection.

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