Why America is Crumbling

I love my country. My ancestors through my mother’s mother knelt upon first landing at Plymouth on Cape Cod on December 21, 1620, and dedicated this land to Jesus Christ. These Mayflower Pilgrims specifically prayed for the evangelism of this continent and the world beyond. They claimed the continent for King Jesus.

That is a covenant that cannot be broken, if we on our end will not allow the ‘flag’ to fall to the ground. It is not a question of bringing the United States under the kingdom of Christ. It already is. We simply have to agree with it and stand with God, the way the people of Israel from time to time remembered their covenant (after often forgetting it) and they renewed it again.

And yet the United States is crumbling before our eyes, so rapidly it is hard to believe. Like the hapless sinners who opened the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones movie, we see the once great hope of humanity disintegrating into dust. And incredibly fast.

Why is this happening? How? How did we get here? What does it mean and is there anything that can be done?

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You have to trust me here. Without watching the following video, you probably won’t understand. I mean truly watch it. Stop whatever else you are doing. Get away from all distractions. Click on the little box in the lower, right-hand corner to make the video fill the screen.

And then remember one thing while you watch. Remember this promise. Remember this warning:

If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people ]who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

— 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 (NASB)

Most of all we should ask: Why not here? Why is this not happening in the United States of America? We were founded as a Christian nation. There is no bloody anti-Christian war in North America… not yet. So why couldn’t that happen here? Will you pray and ask God to light a match, to seek God on your face and knees to see this come? “Let that be here also.”

Watch it again. Seriously. Consider the panoramic view. When in human history have so many people been gathered in one place? Here, all to worship Jesus Christ. Reinhard Bonnke of “Christ for All Nations Ministries” is preaching to massive crowds in Africa in 1999 and early 2000. Bonnke has described what it is like when 2 million people shout Hallelujah all at the same time… like the force of a might wind.

Christ for All Nations ministries reports in the video that in one city alone in Jos, Nigeria, there were 1,276,840 “decision cards.”   That is, out of all of the attendees 1,276,840 of them filled out a card declaring that they had converted to Christianity during the crusade and given their hearts to Jesus. Of course, many other attendees were already Christians beforehand.

Then, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria 1,416,740 Africans filled out decision cards declaring they had become Christian. In Yola, Nigeria it was 1,403,640 Africans. In Abekouta, Nigeria 1,936,881 Africans declared Jesus as their Lord. In Abuja, Nigeria, 1,046,390 declarations. In Akure, Nigeria, 1,859,503, Africans declared their conversion to Christianity. In Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, 1,634,431. In Lagos, Nigeria, there were 3,461,171 Africans decisions to follow Jesus. In Ibadan, Nigeria, 2,650,190 conversions. In Calabar, Nigeria, 1,015,317 decisions for Christ were recorded.

So, you may ask, why then is Africa such a bloody war zone and still so fill of suffering, disease, and poverty? These revivals suffer from the Church’s eternal weakness: Follow up. Christians have often been good at arranging widespread conversions to Jesus. But then comes the long, hard work of discipleship. It can take years or even decades to help the lost “unlearn” the ways of a fallen world and to train up effective, prosperous Christians.

With a lack of resources to follow up and fully train, disciple, and support those new Christians, they may remain at a beginner’s level. They need to be discipled and taught, not left wondering “What next?” It is easy to get saved. It is a life-long journey to be transformed. If ever there was a time to “Go!” here it is. Isaiah 28 explains:

“To whom would He teach knowledge,
And to whom would He interpret the message?
Those just weaned from milk?
Those just taken from the breast?
“For He says,
‘Order on order, order on order,
Line on line, line on line,
A little here, a little there.’”

Moreover, no one said that following Jesus would be easy. During their first Winter, half of the Mayflower Pilgrims died of disease they contracted in the New World (after nine weeks in close quarters on board ship with no illness). The Kingdom of God starts with a seed as small as a mustard seed and grows slowly. It is a bumpy road that requires a stubborn faith.

Obviously, the devil is trying to stamp out the greatest Christian revival in the history of planet Earth. Al Jazeera reported that in Africa 6 million Muslims are converting to Christianity every year. The almost-secret Christian revival rippling through China dwarfs the entire history of the spread of Christendom from Calvary until today. Muslims in countries closed to the gospel report Jesus physically appearing to them and proclaiming the Christian gospel in person. Christianity is spreading within Islamic societies.

Islam is trying to murder its way into dominance throughout Africa – not out of success, but out of desperation. We are in a war. It is a world war. It is a greater world war than any military war in history.  And we are winning. They are losing.

But it is a very strange war. The armies of Jesus win by persuading “them” to join “us.” Our enemies may try to wound and kill us. But our place in heaven is secure. Earth is only a bus stop or a transit lounge in an airport, while changing airplanes. Our enemies cannot actually hurt us more than momentary pain. However, the armies of Jesus Christ fight by getting each of them to become one of us.

Oh sure, it is not wrong to hold back an evil man and restrain him from doing harm. I can volunteer to turn my own cheek, but I cannot stand by and let an evil man hurt someone else. But that is not our ultimate aim. Our end game is to show the enemies of Jesus that Jesus Christ is King of the Universe, at whose voice every other false god must tremble. And even our enemies are welcome to become Christians.

Do not pray for revival. It is here. Pray instead that you do not miss it. Pray that while God is touching other nations, He does not pass your nation by as apathetic to the move of God.

Look once again at that video. Those kind of results cost a lot of money to set up, including massive sound systems. But those results cost even more countless hours of God’s people weeping in prayer on their hands and knees for spiritual breakthrough. And so we each have to ask ourselves: “What do you want?”

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Jonathon Moseley
Jonathon Moseley is a co-host with the "Conservative Commandos Radio Show," on-line Editor for the American Uncensored News Network's website (AUN-TV), and a member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party. He has worked and volunteered in political campaigns since 1984, including serving as Campaign Manager in 2008 for Christine O'Donnell's nomination contest running against Joe Biden for U.S. Senate. Moseley studied Physics at Hampshire College, earned a degree in Finance from the University of Florida and a law degree from George Mason University in Virginia. Moseley's day job is as a Virginia attorney working as in-house counsel for a company shipping jewelry.

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