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I just received an urgent, emergency request from RUN Ministries president Eric Watt. The lives of thousands of Iraqi refugees are in danger — not just from ISIS, but from the frigid cold of winter! Please see Eric’s important update below, or click here to take immediate action.

— Forwarded Message —

From: Eric Watt, RUN Ministries
To: Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel Action
Sent: Wednesday, January 14 4:41 PM
Subject: I honestly don’t know what else to do

From the Desk of:
Eric Watt
President, RUN Ministries

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Dear Mat,

I am embarrassed to write you again, but I honestly do not know what else to do. I just received a message from our team leaders in northern Iraq explaining that thousands of Iraqi refugees spent last night enduring frigid temperatures and snow.

As you can see in the Yahoo! weather graphic on the right, overnight temperatures are expected to be near or below freezing for the rest of the week.

Due to overcrowding at RUN Ministries’ “Community of Hope” camps, thousands of refugees have no choice but to sleep in open fields with no warm blankets or shelter. At the same time, they are afraid ISIS will find them or that the extreme mountain cold will bring their lives to a miserable end.

It is to the point now that many have stopped thinking about themselves and are asking only for the children and the elderly to be saved. These persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities desperately need our help!

(Click here or on the icon below to support RUN Ministries’ efforts to provide heavy-duty blankets and shelter for Iraqi refugees)

You have already done so much, and so many people have been helped. But I am asking you to help me meet this emergency need. We must build and equip additional “Community of Hope” refugee camps to protect these families from ISIS and from an impending disaster brought on by the frigid winter weather.

It just does not seem right for us to sit in comfort while others are literally freezing to death. Will you please reach out and help them today? Each heavy-duty blanket costs RUN about $15. Your gift of $75, $150, or $300 will protect five, ten, or twenty refugees from exposure, hypothermia, frostbite or even death.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generous financial support. You are making an eternal difference in the lives of thousands of Iraqi refugees.


(Please click here now to make your tax-deductible gift to help Iraqi refugees in northern Iraq survive the winter cold)

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