Attorneys Lie to Schools, Say They Must OK Gender Confusion

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The depraved “gay” agenda continues to corrupt our nation’s youth, and the jaw-dropping irony is that activist groups are empowered by the financial and legal support of prestigious firms.

But it’s time to call these people to conscience. Several recent controversies may jumpstart the great awakening of America to the gruesome consequences of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

And, it may prompt local schools to tell tyranny purveyors and the lavender lobby to pack up and go away, because despite the advice being given, no federal law exists requiring schools to let Johnny use Jenny’s restroom, nor requiring schools give a stamp of approval to homosexual behavior.

The largest homosexual group in America, the Human Rights Campaign, has been pushing children and teens to embrace homosexual and “transgender” behaviors. HRC has been shielded from intense scrutiny of its destructive programs by its partners-in-crime at the NEA teachers’ union, connections to the current White House, and the “see no evil” media. Well, all that is about to change.

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One of the founders of HRC who is also a current board member, has been charged along with another adult male with sex abuse of a fifteen-year old boy. Terry Bean and the other man met the teen on the Internet. Bean has been a major player in “gay” activism, Democratic Party circles (especially in Oregon) and is a big funder of Obama and others. And it gets worse: Bean was at one time head of a company producing male homosexual pornography. In fact, the police investigation all started because Bean was accused of filming men in his bedroom without their consent.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Would you ever want a person with Bean’s background and current lifestyle on your board of directors? Bean is a prominent Democratic Party operative, a buddy of our president. But HRC was established by this guy, with these values. No wonder HRC spends so much time and effort devising smear campaigns against Christians. It’s the strategy of “the best defense is a good offense.”

Despite this sordid legacy, HRC has a donor list of Fortune 500 companies (Citibank, American Airlines, Nationwide Insurance, Coca-Cola Company) and on the youth issue, is well connected to school board and education groups. One such group is the National School Boards Association, with affiliates in states like Ohio. In fact, the NSBA endorsed HRC’s gender-bending school propaganda program, “Welcoming Schools.”

Concerned parents and educators in Ohio were shocked to learn that a workshop presented at a November Ohio School Boards Association convention advised schools to support “LGBT” identities of teachers and students, including child gender confusion. And the attorney presenter told her audience that this was required under federal law.

This is not true. There is no federal law that requires schools to endorse either homosexual identities or child gender–bending. Some states require this, but Ohio is not one of them, and Congress has made no such law. There are advisory letters from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights saying that the Title IX federal school funding/sex discrimination law should now be applied to school situations involving “gender stereotypes,” but this is just case-law-stretching by activists within the agency (including the now-departed Kevin Jennings). It’s not law and schools do not have to knuckle under to this Obama administration sleight-of-hand.

Yet this attorney making the Ohio presentation joins a growing number of advisors to schools telling them they must alter bathroom and locker room policies, as well as allowing students to choose the gender of choice for sports’ trip overnight accommodations.

In Louisville earlier this year, the Atherton High School principal tried to pull this one over on his school, and unfortunately succeeded. An appeals board dominated by teacher union appointees upheld his contention that boys should be able to use girls’ restrooms and vice versa as a part of “non-discrimination” policy.

An attorney spoke up at the hearing and told the truth: “ Congress has not determined to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to expressly add gender identity or to open bathrooms to the opposite sex as a civil right,” he said. Still, the appeals board ignored him and affirmed what the progressives love—the destabilizing and corruption of more of our precious kids. This, in spite of the report by the Washington Post that fewer than 10 students a year in the entire country want to join opposite sex sports’ teams.

Do you get the feeling there’s a larger agenda here? Terry Bean and HRC would be proud.

Minneapolis’ Anoka- Hennepin schools are also considering this issue, one pushed by the radical homosexual group OutFront Minnesota. Parents are beside themselves. Some took out a full-page ad in the Star-Tribune with this headline: “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are you OK with that?” At least one hundred people showed up for the hearing in October on the issue, and the final decision is expected at a December 4 meeting.

So it’s not just Ohio school boards who are being misled. It’s a sweeping trend: “Indoctrinate school board members to believe they are legally required to accept ‘LGBT’ behaviors,” is the directive from somewhere.

A similar workshop was presented this fall to the Virginia Schools Boards Association. In Illinois, the IASB learned “the best practices for serving LBGT” students.” Does “serving” include teaching confused “gay”-identifying teens to say “yes” to the sexual advances of adults? If not, does it teach them to say “No”? Curious parents would like to know.

Because of the legal technicalities, most parents understandably find this to be a confusing labyrinth of regulations. And they believe schools when they are told, “Oh, it’s a part of federal law.”

Ohio parents and educators were stunned at the allegations of Susan Hastings, Esq. who told Ohio school board members that students and teachers who are “transgender” should be allowed into opposite sex facilities, and that schools should “permit students to room on overnight trips based on the gender with which they identify.”

Good luck if your daughter finds this offensive and uncomfortable. She no longer has any rights. The pink lobby is in charge, and they make the rules, aided by the Obama administration.

Do the corporate donors of the Human Rights Campaign know how this works for the thirteen- year- old boy? They are unwitting accomplices in these horrendous campaigns to exalt perverted sex practices and identities and viciously attack those who cry “foul.”

So CVS Pharmacy, Staples, Microsoft, Prudential, Ernst & Young, IBM and others are coming alongside Terry Bean, HRC and and this pack of wolves. These companies help pay to dignify deviance, buffeted by vicious and untrue smear campaigns against any who challenge their plans to defile our culture, including children.

And if other people who are real females or males are bothered by this, there is currently no place to run, unless you want to come up against Big Gay, aligned with Big Law and Big Education.

Saul Alinsky would be proud. Don’t ask permission or forgiveness. Just create a world where advisors to school board members look them straight in the eye and talk about “transgender girls” when these are biological boys. The truth is what they say it is.

At least, until most of them are arrested. God is not mocked.

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