10 Reasons Why Americans are Extremely Angry

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Author CS Lewis once said, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains. It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

Americans are in high levels of pain today and the stage is set for something to explode. Many believe this is God’s way to rouse us into an awareness of our toxic times and the need to turn back to Him.

Scripture tells us, “The wrath of God (His righteous anger) is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth…” (Rom.1:18).  We love to sing “God is so good” but how about “God is so mad?” Today it’s not only God who is mad but it’s people everywhere.

Years ago there was a motion picture entitled “Network” where the central character reached the boiling point and shouted, “I’m as mad as (expletive) and I’m not gonna’ take it anymore!” This captures the simmering moral outrage and indignation prevalent today. It’s really a ticking time bomb.

  • You hear it almost daily when you listen to callers on talk radio.  I heard one man two days ago exclaim, “If I hear… I swear blood will come spurting out of my eyes!”
  • It’s obvious behind closed doors when people drop their guard with friends with whom they feel safe and vent frustrations they’ve suppressed inside far too long.
  • You observe it in the thundering declarations and denunciations coming from courageous political and spiritual leaders today, punctuated by the explosive responses of emotionally charged crowds.

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How intense is it?

What is your recollection of the angriest, scariest confrontation you’ve ever seen? Is there one where someone flew into a rage-eyes bulging, nostrils flaring, veins popping, arms flailing and obscenities flying? On the sensitive photo plate of your mind, can you still hear “You blankety-blankety-blank!” while bystanders bear-hugged the person in his steroid-inflamed, out-of-control rage?

How about the episode in baseball when George Brett of the Kansas City Royals charged out of the dugout after connecting on a Goose Gossage fastball for a home run, only to have the umpire disqualify it due to some illegal pine-tar on his bat? ESPN still loops the highlight decades after the ultra-tense altercation took place. When Goose was introduced into the Hall of Fame in 2008 he exclaimed, “Whew! That still is the maddest I’ve ever seen a person get!”

We may not be at this boiling point yet but if things continue as they are, it won’t be long.

Reasons Why People Are So Angry

1. Radical Islamist Threat Downplayed and Denied

Our President mysteriously and obstinately refuses to identify ISIS as the world’s greatest threat, instead deflecting us to climate change. Telling us that “ISIS is not Islam,” “They are a JV squad” and are “being contained,” all while they advance globally and even in our land. This infuriates millions not willing to let him continue taking risks with our lives and those of our families. Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, threw up his hands recently declaring “Obama is the greatest national security risk to ever occupy the White House.” We feel like sheep being led to slaughter.

2. Apostasy and Compromise in the Church

Leaders and boards of historic denominations are cowardly, deceptive and unfaithful to sacred scripture in condoning homosexuality, ignoring immorality and ordaining gay leaders and bishops. Core doctrines of the faith are undermined by false teaching and false shepherds. I stood aghast on Saturday evening in the main meeting hall of a Catholic church where emblazoned on the wall was a framed declaration of religious tolerance declaring all religions lead to the same God! As someone raised Catholic, I was legitimately incensed.

3. Obscene and Wasteful Spending in Government

As our nation faces an unbelievable $19 trillion debt, our politicians lift the debt ceiling and continue spending our tax dollars in unconscionable ways. Doling out entitlements to illegal immigrants and enticing the masses with seductive promises from socialistic, utopian ideology, honest and hard-working Americans are saying, “Enough is enough!” Last week’s announcement that our government wasted over $150 million on unnecessary Afghan villas for a handful of staffers and spent $43 million for a gas station that should’ve cost $500,000 makes our blood boil.

4. Lawlessness in Illegal Immigration, Failure to Enforce Drug Laws and Irresponsible Releasing of Criminals Into our Society

The uncanny popularity of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate continues because people resonate with his message of stopping illegal immigration and building a wall already on the books but not enforced. Federal drug laws recklessly ignored and thousands of violent criminals having sentences reduced for early release puts the lives of many in peril. Add to this powder keg the hundreds of sanctuary cities where lawless officials ignore the safety of citizens and protect illegal immigrants, is it any wonder people feel righteous anger?

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