Ten Misadventures of Barack Hussein Obama

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This is your president, America…

1) Reported by Fox News, BHO visited the President of Mexico last week. BHO therefore had an opportunity to speak up for Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi. This U.S. Marine, who served honorably overseas in combat, has been in a Mexican jail since March 31. He mistakenly drove into Mexico, was arrested on false charges, and imprisoned. He was chained to his bed for 30 days and beaten. He remains incarcerated. Tahmooressi suffers from PTSD. BHO did not say a word to the Mexican President on behalf of this Marine, but he was glad to release five murdering Taliban terrorists from Gitmo to secure the release of Sgt. Bergdahl, an Army deserter. We leave no one behind, unless, well . . . we just feel like, is that it Mr. Obama? Imagine a president who encourages illegal immigration but refuses to help a citizen get released from a Mexican jail.

2) Thousands of kids from Central America are being dumped in the U.S. by criminals who abuse them on the trip north through Mexico. Credible evidence indicates BHO and Co. orchestrated this mass migration in order to press for immigration ‘reform,’ in BHO’s mind: blanket amnesty, open borders. Our border guards are overwhelmed taking care of kids, so security has been compromised. Mexican gangsters, drug dealers and thugs are being allowed into the country along with these children, tens of thousands of them, and they just keep coming. Many of these new arrivals carry serious diseases. The governor of Texas has been forced to intervene to secure the border and help make arrangements to house and feed these kids. Meanwhile, BHO says nothing and does nothing, other than dispatch Biden to Guatemala to complain presumably. Some ask if this amounts to playing politics with children’s lives. For years BHO has essentially invited people to enter our country illegally. No surprise, they’ve taken him up on it.

3) IRS Scandal-For months, a House oversight committee has been investigating criminal conduct alleged at the IRS. The central allegation is IRS officials intentionally harassed conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. It is charged the administration intentionally targeted political opponents using the IRS, a crime once attributed to Richard Nixon. IRS officials admitted to wrongdoing, but claim it was unintentional. Six people are under suspicion of breaking the law. All of a sudden, after several promises to supply all requested emails, IRS officials claim all six email accounts operating during the period of the alleged misconduct have been erased by a computer glitch. IT experts say that is unlikely. Probability mathematicians say it is impossible for this to happen coincidentally. Outraged Congressmen are calling for a special prosecutor, especially given revelations the scandal reaches directly into the White House. When the story broke, BHO said he was outraged, he would get to the bottom of it, no question, period, because it’s the right thing to do.   Later, he told Bill O’Reilly there isn’t even a ‘smidgeon of corruption’ at the IRS, despite the fact one suspect refused to testify, but only after testifying to her innocence. Obama called it a phony scandal, let us remember, BEFORE the FBI had finished its investigation.   This week his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said the IRS scandal is a scandal worthy of investigation. She is likely the one with the most expertise in that area, until now that is.

4) Speaking of Hillary, fresh off Monica II and into a book tour filled with potholes, she compared American gun owners to terrorists. No kidding. She said people who support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms are over the top: we terrorize others. Well it is true we make real terrorists nervous, and tyrants too for that matter. Perhaps that is why Hillary is “terrorized.” However, when was the last time you read about an NRA member becoming a suicide bomber? Meanwhile, BHO moves to confiscate all firearms from citizens as he arms federal agents to the teeth. Hummmmmm.

5) Iraq-Vowing to prohibit American boots on the ground, and saying there is no way Americans will get involved militarily, BHO orders 300 Special Forces troops to Baghdad to ‘advise’ Al-Maliki and help him fight ISIS. In the same breath BHO says he is not taking sides. Then he says our Special Forces guys might be used to help target air strikes, and blames Al-Maliki for not allowing a residual American force in 2011 to help with continued stabilization. Intelligence experts report Obama was aware of the threat of ISIS coming out of Syria many months ago, and did nothing to deal with Syria, or with growing violence and mayhem in Iraq. ISIS and Sunnis have joined to march on Baghdad. Iran essentially rules southern Iraq, in league with Al-Maliki, making Iran a de facto ally of the U.S. And they said we’d never cozy up to Tehran! Meanwhile, back home, jaw bones hit the floor when BHO condemned Maliki for being divisive. (Takes one to know one?) Otherwise, several thousand Americans stuck in the embassy in Baghdad are thankful BHO sent 100 Marines to protect them from 500,000 Sunnis and Shi’ites about ready to give the world their own version of Shock ‘n Awe.

6) Afghanistan-After releasing the Taliban Five, illegally, because he did not notify Congress according to law, BHO again telegraphs surrender and retreat. Critics claim releasing these terrorists after negotiating with terrorists sends a message to terrorists it’s profitable to be a terrorist if you kidnap and kill Americans because the president will submit to demands or otherwise refuse to respond to force with force.  Sure enough the Taliban escalates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, claiming victory, expecting a takeover of the entire country.

7) VA-It is reported VA managers reaped huge bonuses and received glowing reviews even though Veterans had to wait months to see a doctor, 170 of them dying while they waited. At the same it was reported the feds spent $20 million on solar panels for VA facilities while complaining resources were insufficient to provide adequate medical care. Since 9/11, the annual VA budget increased from $45 billion to $150 billion, a 333% increase.

8) Benghazi-A suspect is finally arrested. Prior to the arrest, he gave public interviews for airing on TV. But it took 19 months and military personnel to nab him? HRC continues to ‘explain’ what happened, going so far as to blame Chris Stevens for his own demise. Touching. The Special Committee investigating the 2012 deaths of four Americans works at getting the truth, so long as they aren’t IRS’d by melting hard drives, obfuscation and ‘glitches.’

9) After a quarter showing negative GDP growth, there is a report today Americans set a new record. This achievement? There are now more than 11 million Americans on disability. When BHO took office, there were about 9 million. The workforce has been decimated, the economy is in ruins, more people take from government than contribute in taxes. Still there is no plan for economic recovery or for balancing the budget, or getting spending under control, or dealing with our massive, and rapidly growing, DEBT.

10) Amid reports premiums are increasing, costs are increasing and doctors are leaving, ObamaCare drifts along, promising everything, delivering nothing. Enrollment reports are reliably unreliable, the latest headline: “Subsidies expected to cost billions more than expected.” Take heart. IRS agents will make sure you are taken care of, and how.

Good day, good health and good golf, Mr. Obama.

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