Will You Endanger Your Son Through Boy Scout Involvement in Days Ahead?

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“A nation that prefers disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one.”  – Alexander Hamilton

In the middle of the Cold War, then-Governor Ronald Reagan quoted the above warning in his 1964 classic speech, “A Time to Choose.” Similar to Winston Churchill awakening Great Britain amidst the growing Nazi threat in 1940, the “Great Communicator” sensed a gathering storm and challenged multitudes capitulating to big-government socialism and Communism.

For eight years, I’ve served with other courageous leaders investing a significant portion of ministry to compassionately confront the dangerous acceptance  of sexual behavior that the Bible labels as “moral impurity”, “degrading”, “shameless”, “indecent”, “unnatural” and “perversion” (Rom.1:24-27).

While we are to reach out in love to every individual, we must resist an agenda dishonoring our Creator, undermining  the sanctity of marriage and attempting  to redefine it so homosexual unions, polyamory and polygamy are considered acceptable, normal and beautiful.

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LGBTQ activism hit us at warp speed. Many leaders, charged with the responsibility to equip and protect the flock, have dismissed this as negativism and non-urgent. Others listened politely but wanted to avoid controversy, which offends church members and affects giving.

Some recognized the seismic shift in our culture and were jolted out of passivity to prayerful activism. Now we must all awaken to “smell the coffee” and recognize silence is not an option in light of the avalanche crashing upon us.

With the Supreme Court about to announce their ruling (brace yourself!) and conservative, Catholic Ireland approving homosexual marriage by popular vote, we now face the president of the Boy Scouts of America basically calling for an overhaul of the 105-year-old organization’s mission to include homosexual troop leaders!

Adding this to the nonstop attack on our religious freedoms and the chilling scenario of what lies ahead, may people and pastors across America finally stand up before it’s too late. BSA President, Robert Gates recently declared, “We must deal with the world as it is, not is we might wish it to be. The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained.”

The homosexual advocacy group  “Scouts for Equality” hailed it “another step forward!” Undiscerning onlookers applauded it as enlightenment, equality, political correctness, tolerance, sexual diversity and gender-neutral advancement. “This will open the door for transgenders just like in the Girl Scouts!” came the congratulatory cheer.

Mr. Gates, who previously homosexualized our United States military as a proponent for repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” now makes those upholding the Boy Scout Oath and the value of moral strength a human piñata. Engage in sodomy–you’re progressive; uphold Christian standards– you’re prejudiced and part of the problem.

  Boy Scout Oath and Past Leadership Examples

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and MORALLY STRAIGHT” [emphasis mine].

Honoring chastity until married; upholding fidelity to one’s spouse; avoiding homosexuality and steering clear of pornography are all encompassed in the commitment to remain morally straight, along with a commitment to patriotism, courage, loyalty, integrity and service.

For decades it has referred to living a “clean life”, not what revisionists now reinterpret as living “honestly”–being true to who you really are whether gay, straight,  bisexual, transgender or whatever!

The Christian, British military officer who founded Scouting in 1910, Robert Baden-Powell, was a man of exemplary integrity. Later he commissioned an American, William Boyce, to launch the Boy Scouts in America, aligning them with the Young Men’s Christian Association for meetings. To this day, the overwhelming majority of Boy Scouts gather in Christian churches and Mormon facilities across the USA.

Scouting changed slightly over the decades yet character development has always been at its’ core. “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it” were Baden-Powell’s final words to Scouts prior to his death.

Do you recall reading the inspirational, character-building publication of the Boy Scouts, “Boys Life” which debuted with a Norman Rockwell cover? Were you one of the 110 million boys who found their lives positively transformed through the Boy Scouts since its inception?

Do you recall the famous Boy Scouts put forth as models for us to emulate over the years?  Here are just a few: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Neil Armstrong, Andy Griffith, Hank Aaron, John Wayne, Sam Walton, Walter Cronkite, Jimmy Stewart, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy,  George W. Bush, J.W. Marriott Jr. and Bill Gates.

What did they all have in common? These were men who, though not flawless, demonstrated manliness and inspired us to become masculine leaders in our personal lives and future families.

Future Scenario?

Over the past few years, Boy Scout chapters have battled incessant bullying. A handful of homosexual-leaning Scouts initiated lawsuits. Some local officials forced the Scouts out of public facilities, Gay activists have pressured corporations to withhold funding until BSA changed policy, and, high-profile politicians and celebrities made disparaging remarks about this wonderful organization as being homophobic and bigoted. And since there has been so much silence from the faith-based community, the LGBTQ activists have had a field day!

There is also gross ignorance when it comes to homosexuality in our nation.

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