The Gay Slave Trade: Open for Business!

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This ghoulish story keeps doing the rounds. It is so gross I have not wanted to click on the links to see what the story is about. When I finally did click, it was worse than I thought. See this from the UK:

A gay couple have told of their joy and disbelief at becoming the prospective fathers of three babies simultaneously, in what is believed to be a world first.

Three surrogate mothers are pregnant with children for Luke Harris and Daryl Lee, who met the women through online surrogacy forums.

Two of the babies were conceived with Mr Lee’s sperm and one with Mr Harris’s, and all three are due within seven months of each other, between January and July.

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Mr Harris, 50, a computer programmer, and Mr Lee, 41, a medical professional, from Surrey, had dreamed of having a family for 15 years after meeting online in January 1999.

The first woman they spoke to about carrying a baby for them was Becky Harris, 27, from Suffolk, a three-time surrogate.

She had already agreed to act as surrogate for another couple at the time but put them in contact with her former sister-in-law, Bex Harris, 32.

Ms Harris, 32, conceived the first child with her own egg and Mr Lee’s sperm, which she inseminated at home.

The following week, Bex told the couple, who became civil partners in 2012, that her best friend Viktoria Ellis, 32, was keen to become a surrogate mother for the first time.

Ms Ellis, also from Suffolk, got pregnant using Mr Harris’s sperm.

Then Becky, once the baby she was carrying for another couple had been delivered, decided she now wanted to become a surrogate for Mr Harris and Mr Lee as well.

Mr Harris told The Sun: “When we told our families we are having our first surrogate baby, they were so excited for us, as they know for the past 15 years we’ve dreamed of having a family of our own.

“When we told them we were having a second baby they were amazed.

“And then, when we announced we’re actually having three babies of our own they were stunned but overjoyed.”

He said the couple’s home had felt empty without children but added: “We never imagined in our wildest dreams we would have three all at once.”

So this gay couple, Luke Harris and Daryl Lee, have commissioned three children for themselves by three surrogate mothers simultaneously.

Conspicuous consumption? That would be putting it mildly. Three human incubators have been contracted to gestate three obedient, “loving” human slaves. These children are property. If it was all about love, then these surrogacy deals would not require a maze of contracts and legal riders guaranteeing the non-biologically related gay partner authoritative rights over the resulting children.

Okay, NOW will GLAAD apologize to me? I was attacked for comparing gay parenting to certain aspects of the slave trade, and I ask you — was I not right?

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