Equality? No, It’s Really Supremacy

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Americans should be outraged that homosexual activists are now working diligently through lavishly- funded campaigns to wipe out First Amendment religious rights for Christians and other people of faith.

And free speech rights and freedom of assembly? If anyone challenges the “LGBT” agenda, the sexual anarchists have a plan to wipe out those Constitutional freedoms, too.

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, GetEqual, Arcus Foundation (now run by former GLSEN president and Obama safe schools “czar” Kevin Jennings) and others are on board. They join the leftist media as a unified force deploying robotic talking points, calling First Amendment religious freedom, including RFRA bills, a “license to discriminate.”

Religious freedom restoration acts are under consideration in many states. They would serve multiple purposes but one is to prevent the imposition of “gay loyalty oaths”– i.e., roll over and promise to do whatever homosexuals want (like bake their “wedding” cakes), whether your faith is on board or not.

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Equality is not the “LGBT” goal, we can now officially document. Supremacy is.

For instance, an Indiana RFRA bill is a “license to discriminate,” says The Advocate. So is a Georgia bill, according to Think Progress, along with a Kentucky bill passed last year.

Likewise, GLAAD dutifully labeled a bill in Mississippi last year a “license to discriminate.” The infamous RFRA that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer foolishly vetoed last year was decried at the time as a “license to discriminate” by the NY Times.

In Michigan, a bill has passed the House to allow adoption agencies to place children in accordance with religious belief. But opponents say it would amount to “state-sanctioned discrimination.” Translation: the pink Mafia is pouting because such regulations will prevent the harassment of faith-based adoption agencies until they close down, as happened in Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and Illinois.

When individuals own businesses, or a religious group starts a non-profit agency, these American citizens still retain religious freedom and it’s not “discrimination.” This is especially true when people stand up against homosexuality-as-marriage, reflecting sound public health and a stable social order and against which more people, not fewer, should be publicly objecting.

The Human Rights Campaign floated the absurd idea in a recent report that Christians will use RFRA bills reinforcing constitutional rights to deny emergency treatment to gender- confused patients, refuse to work at Jewish events, or turn away interracial couples and divorced women from businesses.

This prediction is preposterous on many levels. First of all, these anti-capitalists need to get out more.

Business owners are not generally seeking multiple reasons to turn away sales. They want customers. EMTs treat everyone, which is a solid “good Samaritan,” Christian-based action. There is no one turning away interracial couples or divorced women based on religious faith, in contrast to what’s really going on: the increasing number of cases where so-called “LGBT anti-discrimination” laws are being used to punish the horrific human rights abuse of turning away a photo shoot. Or saying “no” to a cake order.

Yes, lives hang in the balance here. Or maybe it’s just icing.

But who’s kidding whom here? Based on the growing out-and-proud bigotry and blatant anti-Semitism of the left (encouraged by our president), secular liberals are far more likely to start turning away both Christians and Jews from everyday commerce as well as employment. Wait– that’s already happening. The job losses for Christians who express any objection to homosexuality, even off the job, are becoming almost too numerous to count.

The latest is a Catholic teacher in New Jersey, Patricia Jannuzzi, expressing a moral opinion consistent with Catholic doctrine, yet told to pack up and leave. Shades of Viki Knox, a NJ teacher who lost her job in 2011. She was drummed out under a campaign by Garden State Equality, the NJ homosexual freedom-denier group. Viki has sued the school district and in all fairness, certainly should win.

But liberals continue to screech clichéd talking points: “How will same sex marriage hurt your marriage?” Well, let me count the ways. If you find that suddenly, your children while at school are sold same sex “marriage” as a worthy and virtuous option and provided no opposing view, then it’s a destructive, family-unfriendly problem.

If you lose your job or perhaps even your business over trumped-up homosexual spite, it might have an impact on one’s marriage. Ask Aaron and Melissa Klein, who had to close their Oregon business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, after months of a hateful campaign against their bakery.

This is the rotten fruit of sexual deviancy that defies God’s will and violates private consciences. “You will pay for daring to disapprove,” is the spiteful reaction necessitating all these pieces of unneeded legislation and pointless suits crowding the court dockets.

How much has the push to legitimize sodomy cost America? Certainly millions of dollars and years of wasted time.

It’s important for all of us to have a larger vision than just defending religious freedom, however. All Americans should have the right to object to the open celebration of homosexuality or gender confusion, to refuse to allow it to be advocated to their schoolchildren, and the right to decline service to those whose lifestyles objectively damage the business environment or its future.

Remember the bar owner in Portland who called a cross-dressing man to discourage him from returning as a patron? He and his “girlfriends” were costing Chris Penner business, since female customers were uncomfortable with men in their restrooms and regulars thought it was turning into a “gay” bar.

But in Oregon, your delusions rule and if men want to dress as females for a few weeks in order to collect some court-ordered cash, this is the place to do it. In 2013, Penner had to pay 11 gender-bending men $400,000 because he hurt the feelings of one of them during a phone call.

This is how the “LGBT” portion of non-discrimination laws are used– they are club to inflict major damage for petty issues.

Why do Christians and conservatives lobby against these measures while trying to pass RFRA laws to blunt their impact? Justice and the U.S. Constitution are the reasons– not to mention, real human rights and respect for the One who is our ultimate Judge.

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