White House Forces LGBT Applicants on Ministries

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The White House is poised to order faith-based grant recipients to accept so-called lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender applicants, who want to be hired for these ministries.

Mat Staver: Matt, the Center for Family and Human Rights organization, headquartered in New York, and also in Washington D.C., issued a report written by Austin Ruse. And Austin keeps his ear to the ground on a lot of these issues.

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And he says that a source within the federal government has informed him that the White House is now quietly moving forward with a policy to change…that will ultimately require charitable, faith-based, humanitarian groups that are accepting or applying for grants from the federal government, to accept so-called LGBT applicants in order to qualify for government funding even those with religious groups that have religious objections to the contrary…

Matt Barber: Yea…this President has less than 2 years left and he is ramping up his radical agenda and doing everything through executive fiat because they cannot get these kinds of radical social engineering policies pushed through Congress.

So the President just does it unilaterally. Imagine, Christian organizations that adhere to the biblical admonition about sexual morality being only appropriate within the bounds of man-woman marriage, saying here that, not just people who are struggling with homosexual temptation and so forth…but we’re talking about people who are out and proud homosexuals. 

Kind of in the face of these Christian and other religious organizations saying that “you must hire us here’s our application,” and by the way, if you happen to mention that homosexual behavior is a sin, wouldn’t that create a hostile work environment for these individuals?

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