Vatican, French Muslim Leaders Condemn Paris Attack; European Elites Fear Conservative Wave

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Four French Muslim leaders and the Vatican issued a joint declaration Thursday denouncing the Paris newspaper massacre.

The declaration stressed that dialogue among religions was the only way to eliminate prejudice.

According to the Associated Press, the Vatican has sought to mend relations with Islam that were initially strained under Pope Benedict XVI, who in 2006 made a speech that suggested Islam espouses violence. His suggestion caused storms of protest throughout the Islamic world.

Even though Benedict said he had been misunderstood and apologized, Muslims never again forgot his suggestion.

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Of course, the “attack” in Paris, usually mentioned without any “Muslim” or “Islamic” adjectives, just proves that Benedict’s “suggestion” was sheer reality.

Yet, European socialist elites are not worried about Islam and its violent nature. They are, according to the Associated Press, worried that “Populist movements warning of the Islamization of Europe have been gaining ground across the continent, in small countries like Denmark and large ones like Britain, Germany and France.”

These elites denounce “the arguments of rightwing forces declaring Islam to be incompatible with Western values.”

Some of the strongest responses to the Islamic terror in Paris came from Germany, and the Associated Press promptly reminded its international readers that the Nazi movement was born in Germany, insinuating that opposition to Islamization equals “racism” and “Nazism.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned PEGIDA, an anti-Islamization movement, declaring, “There is no place in Germany for those who are instigating hatred against immigrants.” She also denounced the protesters for “racism.”

The AP report also mentioned PEGIDA, and again, promptly reminded its readers that anti-Islamization protests “have alarmed politicians in Germany 70 years after the Holocaust.” The AP insinuation: European, especially German, feelings against Islamization are the seeds for a Holocaust against Muslim. Hey, the first Holocaust was against the Jews, and Muslim were allies of the Nazis. How can AP, an American media, associate Islamic radicals with Jew victims? How can AP use the Holocaust against Jews to defend Muslims?

Actually, Muslims, who 70 years ago helped Hitler in the first Holocaust against the Jews, today have been committing a yearly Holocaust of Christian martyrs. Besides, a larger Muslim population in Europe is provoking a larger persecution of Jews throughout Europe.

Immediately after talking about Holocaust, AP mentions Geert Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam Freedom Party.

So for Merkel and AP and the general Western media, if you oppose Islamization in Europe, you are a racist, a Nazi and support the Holocaust!

In the PS (Politically Socialist) Europe, there is no place for those opposed to Islamization. But there are plenty of places for Islamists.

In the PS Europe, there is no place and tolerance for conservative values, especially Jewish-Christian values, in the government and society. But there is plenty of places and tolerance for Islamic values, including Sharia, which are expanding throughout Europe.

Rabid multiculturalism has delivered the European destiny into the hand of her Islamic executioners.

With information from the Associated Press.

Portuguese version of this article: O Vaticano e quatro líderes muçulmanos conjuntamente condenaram ataque em Paris enquanto elites europeias temem onda conservadora

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