KEYES: The Trade Package Is Liberty Betrayed

The label promises free trade; the package contains enslaving treachery…

During the Presidency of Andrew Jackson the issue of tariffs was debated in the U.S. Senate. Both the Senators and the people they represented knew that the issue at stake involved more than money and commerce. It involved the issue of slavery. It involved, therefore, the terms on which the Union would survive or else disintegrate.

This, in turn, involved the question whether or not the American people would adhere to the fundamental principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and the institutions established by the U.S. Constitution, based upon those principles.

Right now the U.S. House of Representatives is dealing with a legislative package passed by the U.S. Senate. The survival of America’s liberty and potential prosperity are at stake, along with the very identity of the American people.

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But there will be little or no honest debate addressing what’s really at stake. In fact such debate as there is center on whether the agreements involved will be fairly known, and publicly discussed, so that Americans at large can be persuaded of their merits and demerits by honest, open debate among the people who are supposed to represent them.

This very fact illuminates the fatal crisis we are in as a free people. Through our history nothing has been more often insisted upon by people who truly uphold our constitutional self-government than the absolute necessity of fully informing the people in a timely and accurate way about the activities being undertaken by their elected representatives.

Now, however, the present occupant of the Oval Office, his Democrat cronies, and the quislings presently holding leadership positions in the GOP in both Houses of Congress are seeking to establish a regime of secrecy and limited debate with respect to trade agreements that will reduce most of the elected officials in Congress to ill-informed, gagged and passive spectators.

This despite the fact that such agreements will affect and even replace domestic laws at every level of government, passed through constitutional institutions framed to assure what America’s founders called a due dependence on the people.

Along with the Constitution and laws made pursuant thereto, treaties become the Supreme Law of the Land. Yet it is now proposed that trade agreements, connived at in secret by elements of an elitist clique, will be virtually rubber-stamped through Congress with the people, and indeed most of their Representatives, denied the opportunity to know their provisions, think through their implications, and let their will be known before they are asked to submit.

I have for many years argued that an elitist faction is at work to supplant republican constitutional self-government, of by and for the people of the United States. I have warned for many years of their assault against the moral, spiritual and intellectual premises of the Republic. I have said urgently since before the election in 2012 that they have effectively subverted the electoral process, and neglected or violated the limits, with respect to right and rights that are supposed to constrain our constitutional governments at every level.

By these means they have brought us near to the restoration of oligarchic tyranny- the very form of government the United States of America was founded to prevent taking root in the New World.

The passage of the terms and provisions contained in the proposed trade package will effectively complete an oligarchic revolution in the government of the United States. It will validate the notion that legislation devised in secret collaboration with foreign governments; dictated or influenced by globalist corporate and other interests; and plainly hostile to the perpetuation of democratic, constitutional, republican self-government in the United States, can nonetheless be imposed on us by forces of law wielded by international bureaucrats no longer answerable to our votes, or constrained by the prospect of peaceful ballot box revolts come election time.

Indeed, with our legislatures slyly eclipsed from the lawmaking process, elections will become in the United States what they were in the Soviet Union; what they are to this day in other totalitarian factional dictatorships- stage shows with no purpose but to give specious legitimacy to tyranny of, by, and for some lawless few, who live by lies.

Perverted by lust and greed, utterly corrupted by their addiction to power, such are the elitist few who are presently seeking to erase from the thought at the heart of America the self-evident, rightful, God-acknowledging truth that is, and must remain America’s defining inspiration.

Americans still loyal to government, constrained by respect for God-endowed rights must do more than react against this latest offensive against the Constitution. They must do more than clamor against the debasement of wages; the displacement of American workers; and the further destruction of the backbone of American liberty, a thriving middle class.

We must admit and act on the plain and simple truth: WE ARE BETRAYED. Neither of the two so-called major parties is any longer loyal to constitutional self-government, or committed to the business of representing the people the Constitution empowers to elect them.

The American people are close to becoming permanent slaves in the house that, by their constitutional liberty, they are supposed to govern. The debasement of our faith and character is making us slaves of our falsely legalized yet self-destructive passions.

The endless, purposeful expansion of our national debt is making us slaves to foreign governments, international banks, and clandestine consortiums of immensely wealthy individuals. Their whip hand is evident. For their sake, Obama and his collaborators have negotiated trade agreements that go against the will and interest of the American people.

Worse even than this is the fact that our politics has been transformed. Politics is supposed to be the business of citizens as they work out the shared good will and common good of our country. They have made it the business of deceitful demagogues, working to build empires of elitist power. So we are being enslaved by lies and ruthless manipulation that threaten to make our bondage irreversible.

The history of our country has never been without examples of arrogant would-be dictators, striving by means of faction to end the constitutional sovereignty of the people. There have always been private individuals or some foreign government or other determined to war against our liberty.

But never before have so many Americans let themselves be gulled, intimidated and enthralled into believing they have no alternative but to let the fight against tyranny be waged on terms dictated by people bent on establishing it. That foreshadows the end of our decent freedom.

“America is a two-party country.” Or so they say. This is the mother of lies that leads us to see our chains as garlands; that turns our elections into screws, fastening those chains ever more tightly upon us. Two-party dictatorship is still dictatorship.

We will never be free of the threat and fact of that dictatorship until we reclaim the politics our Constitution envisions, by which we are called to act as citizens and decent human beings, made by God with the consciousness of right; responding to God with the will to do right; and true to our allegiance to God and our rights, including the right by which we govern ourselves according to His will.

The hour is late. The challenge is clear. Are we still Americans enough to meet it?

[If you say YES, take a minute to email me at from an email address I can use to reply to you. If there’s enough interest, I will schedule a conference call or calls about what people working together can do to build a citizen approach to elections that discards the partisan sham and replaces it with politics done the Constitutional way.]

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Dr. Alan Keyes
Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.

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