Snow-Battered New York Braces For Monster Toxic Flood

By Mark Martin

CBN News — After last week’s epic snowstorm in the Buffalo area, several counties in western New York are now under flood warnings.

Rising temperatures could turn seven feet of snow into a mess, potentially equaling more than eight inches of rain.

Officials in western New York warn residents to get ready for wide-scale evacuations.

“A toxic brew is what happens in a flood. It has sewage in it, it has all sorts of runoff in it, and it does tremendous damage,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Those digging out from the monster blizzard in Buffalo are now turning their concerns to flooding.

Forecasters expect temperatures to hit the sixties, with rain and increasing winds. Officials say they are ready with evacuation plans and emergency shelters.

“We just hope that it doesn’t flood our house, or anybody else’s for that matter. We don’t want nobody to get flooded,” one resident said.

The melting snow could first cause basements to fill up followed by flooding roads. However, officials say the earth will absorb a decent amount of the water.

One concern is that the melting snow will lead to overflowing creeks in various areas, including West Seneca, New York.

Emergency management leaders say it’s good when the water is moving because it’s getting to where it is supposed to be. On the other hand, ice jams can wreak havoc.

“Generally, once there’s a jam, there’s a problem there. That’s when the water starts to back up and really come up,” one emergency management official explained.

If it does flood, Gov. Cuomo says there are dozens of boats, pumps and sand bags for emergencies. Nevertheless, state leaders still want residents to be on their guard.

Report via CBN News

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