The Politics of Death

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Ferguson protestors insist the ‘system’ is corrupt, that black men are discriminated against by police in disproportionate numbers, so much so, the entire system must be reformed in order to purge institutional racism.

(For the moment, forget that a grand jury ruled racism had nothing to do with the death of Michael Brown, that instead, an officer was fighting for his life and was forced to take the life of another, in self-defense.)

The Democrats—led by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU and the Black Congressional Caucus—have been in power, running the show, for eight years (some would say much longer.)

The chief law enforcement officers in this country—-Barack Obama and Eric Holder—-have been in charge for six years.

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Doesn’t it make sense for Ferguson protestors to address all these Democrats who have obviously been found derelict in their duty, if you buy the protestors’ narrative? Should not the protestors be holding Obama and Holder accountable?

Can anyone anywhere point to one accomplishment by the Democrats in the effort to address racism constructively?

Can anyone anywhere cite numerous Democrat statements, actions, and policies that have actually aggravated the problem of racism?

Facts should inform a logical conclusion: Democrats profit from racial tension and violence and fear and suspicion, so they have no interest in solutions.  Rather, they are invested in making the problem worse, solely for the sake of political advantage, with the help of their accomplices in the thug media.

Lesson learned: logic and facts do not apply when the wrath of the mob whips to frenzy, and the Democrats are found up against the wall, thanks to the anger of the voting majority.

Who benefits most from a declaration of martial law?

The mayhem in Ferguson is a foreshadow of much worse to come. The deterioration of society is accelerating thanks to pervasive demoralization, the politics of revenge, and the spirit of rebellion. When people refuse to acknowledge God’s sovereignty, they likewise refuse to heed his warning of judgment, and inevitably, all hell breaks loose

When clear facts are ignored, and justice is redefined by people with an agenda, the rule of law yields to the law of the jungle, and chaos ensues. And when a president and an attorney general join forces with so-called pastors, pouring gas on the fire they created with media cooperation, death and destruction become a way of life.

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