Christians Branded ‘Hate Group’ for Opposing LGBT Agenda in Schools

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Friday was the national “Day of Silence” promoted by GLSEN, the radical homosexual teachers organization founded in 1990 to promote the gay agenda in public schools. GLSEN has been controversial because the group’s director, Kevin Jennings, was implicated in the infamous 2000 “Fistgate” incident in Massachusetts. Yet it is now opposition to GLSEN that is considered controversial in Colorado:

Jefferson County school board member Julie Williams said late Friday that she was “sincerely sorry” and that she would remove a link on her personal Facebook page that she shared that encouraged families to keep their students home Friday and “away from perverse indoctrination” of the“homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda.”

“To be honest with you, I didn’t read the article,” Williams said. “I just saw it and thought I was sharing information with parents.”

The link, like most on Williams’ wall, was posted without comment. It directs Facebook users to a newsletter published by, but neither overtly endorses nor condemns the group and its message.

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Friday is the national “Day of Silence.” It is organized by GLSEN, an organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and teachers in schools. The aim of the protest is to raise awareness about LGBT bullying. Students who participate in the protest attend school but remain silent. Some put tape over their mouths. describes itself as a “frontline pro-family leader standing strong for moral virtues for the common good.” But the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the organization a hate group, akin to the white supremacy political party American Freedom Party and Westboro Baptist Church.

That’s right: The SPLC now considers it “hate” for Christians to oppose gay activism aimed at school children. What do we know about

Thanks to generous support from everyday people who care, our Campaign for Children and Families is:

– Leading for parental rights by empowering fathers and mothers

– Fighting for the protection of children’s innocence everywhere

– Challenging liberal lies with God’s timeless moral truths

– Boldly speaking out for your values in the culture war

– Teaching and activating pro-family citizens to stand for what’s right

Founded in 1999 by veteran pro-family leader Randy Thomasson, is dedicated to defending and representing the values of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens who want what’s best for this generation and future generations.

We’re an articulate voice in the media. We expose what’s wrong or right with our government. We urge lawmakers to respect and support family values. And we empower citizens to speak out for their values.

Does this 501(c)3 organization sound like a “hate group” to you? Well, what about their “Day of Silence” message? Thanks to California Catholic Daily, we have the full text of the group’s April 2 email:

If you have children in K-12 government schools, in California or another state, please keep them home and away from perverse indoctrination on Friday, April 19.

That’s the day of the so-called “Day of Silence,” where sexually confused students and teachers refuse to speak during the entire academic day. They’ll indoctrinate everybody else through handouts and chalkboard writings and videos and other propaganda tools. They’ll tell children to support and embrace the unnatural and unhealthy homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda and will say that anyone who’s against it is a “bigot.” is leading the West Coast effort to urge parents to remove their children from government schools on Friday, April 19, the nationwide date of the “Day of Silence.”

Yet because the pro-homosexual-bisexual-transsexual “silence” could be permitted anytime April 15-19, is advising you to contact the school to ask if “silence” will be allowed on any date. No matter what, please keep your children home on April 19, to express your strong disapproval of the pro-perversity state school bureaucracy.

On Friday April 19, 2013 the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network is once again exploiting public schools to promote homosexuality and gender confusion as moral and normative through the political protest called the Day of Silence.

A coalition of pro-family groups is urging parents to keep their children home from school on the “Day of Silence,” if your school is allowing students to refuse to speak in class.

Is it “hate” to say that in 2015? Read it again. Do you suddenly feel inspired to go out and bully homosexuals?

The Speech Police are also the Thought Police. What we are witnessing is an effort to tell people what to think by controlling what they are allowed to say. Whether or not you agree with, is it incorrect to say that GLSEN’s agenda is “to promote homosexuality and gender confusion as moral and normative”? Are those who consider this to be immoral and abnormal not permitted to express their opposition? Is Romans 1:18-32 now to be forbidden as “hate” speech?

No responsible parent would send their children to American public schools, which have become a menace to our nation’s liberty.

“Truth is great and will prevail if left to herself . . . she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the conflict, unless by human interposition disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate, errors ceasing to be dangerous when it is permitted freely to contradict them.”
Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, 1786

Public schools are Ignorance Factories, operated by corrupt government bureaucrats who cannot be trusted to teach children facts or useful skills. The K-12 Implosion approaches, as does the Apocalypse.

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