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Big government versus small government, whether our government is responsible to higher authorities or whether the government IS the ultimate  authority.

And some of these ideas — depending on which way you view government — ultimately manifest itself into the government nanny state. One of the ways is this exceptional rise in minimum wage, or the government intrusion into our individual liberties on a daily basis.

Mat Staver: Matt, to start this off with regards to this whole big government concept that’s being pushed by radicals to displace the concept of what our founders understood government to be, and government was of the people, by the people and for the people, and government was to have one purpose and that was to respect those pre-existing, God-ordained liberties of life, liberty and prosperity and the liberties that come from God.

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Those are the limited role of government. But now people are wanting to have more of a Marxist/Communist kinds of understanding of government…

One of those areas of manifestation is the exceptional rise in minimum wage…what it ultimately does is create less jobs rather than more jobs.

Matt Barber: Yea, absolutely. we’ve seen it happening in Washington state, for instance, in Seattle, Mat, where they mandated the minimum wage now must be $15 an hour…government instituted.

Now…why stop there? If $15 an hour, why not $20 an hour? How about $70,000 a year? That’s a better living wage.

Well, the reality is that minimum wage jobs are the jobs by which young people typically learn the importance of hard work and savings…it’s a stepping stone to higher paying jobs as people kind of establish a work history and so forth.

Well, the radical socialism says “No…individual liberties must go, the free market must go, we’re going to mandate $15 minimum wage.” What’s happening?

Small businesses throughout Seattle — restaurants and so forth, even a number of restaurants that supported this idea — are having to close their doors because they can no longer pay their employees what the minimum wage requires. So they have to let employees go…now suddenly they have a shortage of employees, they can’t even operate their business.

And so it’s having the effect of costing people jobs, putting more people into the unemployment line, and shutting down small businesses around the country.


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