Unhappy Myth? Millennials Pop the Question on Marriage

By Caitlin Burke

CBN News — A big question many Millennials are asking is, “Should I have hope for marriage?”

There are so many depressing statistics about divorce circulating, sometimes even from the pulpit, that the generation often questions if a happy marriage is even possible.

Best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn says divorce isn’t the greatest threat to marriage. Discouragement is.

In her book, The Good News About Marriage, Feldhahn debunks several myths about marriage, including the myth that most marriages are unhappy and 50 percent of them end in divorce, even in the church.

The truth is most marriages are happy. Among first-time marriages about 20-25 percent end in divorce on average and the divorce rate among those active in their church is 27 to 50 percent lower than among non-churchgoers.

Feldhahn spoke with CBN News Reporter Caitlin Burke about what this means for the Millennial generation. Click play for more.

Report via CBN News

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