Feminist Writer Compares Abortion to a Leg Cast

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Uber-liberal writer Amanda Marcotte is tired of the “politicization of abortion” by the misogynistic media and the “abortion stigma” perpetuated by the “anti-choice movement” (Um, we prefer to call ourselves pro-life, thank you!)

In a recent article for RH Reality Check entitled, “Nicki Minaj and the Inevitable Politicization of Celebrity Abortions,” Marcotte referenced several celebrities who have told their abortion stories, including Nicki Minaj’s Rolling Stone interview where she discussed the abortion she had as a teenager, which, she says, “haunted me all my life.” Of course to feminist Marcotte, Minaj’s statements were taken out of context and her statement was not about regret over choosing to end the life of her unborn child. No, no that’s the “politicization of abortion” by the pro-life movement. Marcotte explains:

Of course women frequently think about their abortions and feel pangs of regret. But for most, it’s not because, as the anti-choice movement would have you believe, they think they should have had the baby. It’s often more that they regret getting into a situation that required an abortion: an accidental pregnancy, a bad relationship, that sort of thing. It’s like when you break your leg and you ruefully look at the cast later. You’re regretting that you made the mistake that led to a broken leg, but you’re not mad that medical science was on hand to fix the problem.

Leave it to a feminist to compare pregnancy to “breaking a leg” and abortion to a “cast.” I once broke a bone and had to wear a cast. The crazy thing is to this day it never haunts me because medical science did fix the problem and my limb is still there. Unlike, abortion procedures which breaks the limbs of babies, one by one.

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Those that have gone through abortion are haunted with regret because a life was ended. Abortion activists like Marcotte can spin a tale of abortion politicization all they want but regret and pain is real with abortion. Regret will never fit the narrative of the pro-abortion or anti-life movement.

Thankfully, the grace of God will always grant forgiveness for abortion for those who ask for it but the memory of an unborn child never goes away.

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