Christian Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Confesses Abortion But Offers Hope

Abortion is the number one killer in the black community with an estimated 363,705 deaths of black babies annually. In New York City, the home of Planned Parenthood, black babies are aborted at five times the rate of the majority of the population. With the tragic forty-second anniversary of Roe v. Wade taking place this week, there is a personal story of confession, redemption, and hope by a Christian hip-hop artist that is shining a light in the darkness of abortion.

Grammy Award winning Lecrae Moore has put his story of abortion to lyrics in his new track “Good, Bad, Ugly” from his recent Anomaly (2014) album. The song is Lecrae’s personal testimony of going through an abortion with his girlfriend back in 2002. The lyrics of the first verse recount his abortion story:

I remember back in ’02

I was in school and actin’ a fool

My soul got saved, my debt had been paid

But still I kept running off with my crew

Sex on my brain, and death in my veins

I had a main thing, we stayed up ‘til 2 (Smokin!)

Waking and baking we naked, my body was loving it

Soul was hating it,

And time and time after time, our bodies were close

The girl was so fine

We heard a heart beat that wasn’t hers or mine

The miracle of life had started inside

Ignored the warning signs

Suppressed that truth I felt inside

I was just having fun with this, I’m too young for this

I’m thinking me, myself, and I

Should I sacrifice this life to keep my vanity and live nice?

And she loves and trusts me so much that whatever I say, she’d probably oblige

But I was too selfish with my time

Scared my dreams were not gonna survive

So I dropped her off at that clinic

That day a part of us died

Lecrae was recently interviewed by John Piper and John Ensor, the president of Passion Life Ministries, and openly confessed his sin of abortion and the healing process that he had to go through to find freedom from that sin. Lecrae is using his story to invite others, especially men, to know there is forgiveness and grace through confession. There is power when we face our sins but according to Lecrae there is also possibility. “If God has called you to something, he will equip you to be what he has called you to be. He has called you to be a responsible, faithful, diligent leader, as a man. And he will equip you to do that, and he has equipped me to do that,” he testified. “I never would have imagined I would have the resources, the understanding, or any of the things that I have now. But by the grace of God, I am here.”

Lecrae’s testimony and song is shining the light of Christ on the dark and tragic world of abortion. However, it is also opening the conversation and addressing the disproportionate amount of abortions within the black community. There is a “black genocide” in this country that the pro-life movement has been exposing. However, black leaders are ignoring not only the statistical facts but are complicit members of an industry that profits from dead black babies.

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It takes a Godly man to take a stand, confess his sin, and humbly offer the grace and hope of a forgiving God. The message of forgiveness and abortion is often addressed with women but it is rarely heard among men. Lecrae is opening the doors of healing for men who have had an abortion through the last line of his lyrics: “A part of us died.” Lecrae stresses in the interview, “I think it is a bigger issue of men and standing up and saying: I am going to be a dad, and I am going to take leadership, and I am going to be a force in my community to break a lot of these cycles.”

There is healing when we confess our sins but the greatest act of God’s love to us is that He takes that confession and uses it for His glory. As John Piper noted, “The gospel teaches us how to live, but it also rescues us when we fail to live the way we are supposed to.”

Thank you Lecrae for being a testimony of grace, forgiveness, and redemption in the tragedy of legal abortion in this country.

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Julie Klose
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