50 Shades of Grey Underscores the Importance of Teaching Kids About Sex and Healthy Relationships

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The release of the movie 50 Shades of Grey this Valentine’s Day weekend underscores the importance of teaching kids about sex and healthy relationships. “The consequences of casual sex at young ages are devastating, and Hollywood is selling a lie with their latest tale of corruption. Instead of shelling out $20 at the box office this weekend, parents would be wise to invest that money in a resource that will make a positive impact on their children and family,” commented Christopher Doyle, licensed clinical professional counselor and author of the book Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut.

The truth is, when kids wait until marriage to have sex, the benefits are astounding! Decades of scientific studies demonstrate that when youth postpone sex until they’re engaged in a lifelong monogamous partnership, there are positive physiological, emotional, psychological, financial, and relational outcomes. “Unfortunately, just about everywhere in the media, kids are hearing a dangerous message: Casual sex is cool! And the more perverse society makes it, the more appealing it becomes to vulnerable youth,” commented Doyle.

Citing over 300 studies from scientific, peer-review journal articles, Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut demonstrates that:

  • Increased mass media consumption – especially sexually-explicit songs and televisions programs – lead to higher sexual risk-taking behaviors among youth.
  • The earlier kids have sex, the more likely girls are to become pregnant and acquire sexually transmitted infections, and are less likely to complete higher education and become financially stable.
  • The odds of future marital infidelity and divorce are markedly worse, as well as poorer psychological and emotional health when compared to kids who wait.
  • Teenagers who have sex early are also more likely to be involved in a cluster of risk-behaviors, such as illicit drug and alcohol use, fighting, and partner violence.

Matt Barber, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Barbwire.com said the following about Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut:

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Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut provides a common sense, yet scientifically-supported approach for adolescent risk-taking avoidance. Simply put, when kids wait to have sex, their outcomes in life are far improved in a variety of health areas, including physical, emotional, relational, and social. In today’s sex-saturated culture where promiscuity is the norm and sex on-demand permeates our schools and communities, Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut provides a rational message to administrators, policy makers, and teachers to encourage our children to postpone sex until they are older, more responsible, and are married. Christopher Doyle’s overview of hundreds of scientific studies to support this message is a treasure that our legislators should cherish and incorporate into sex education policy nationwide. Sexual risk-avoidance education is the preeminent approach, and thanks to Doyle, we know that the science is now proving this! This review of the evidence makes a strong case for abstinence- centered approaches in every school across the country.

Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut makes a compelling case for sexual risk avoidance in our nation’s public schools by reviewing scientific evidence that demonstrates abstinence-centered sex education programs really do work, and should be provided more equitable federal funding.

The timing of this groundbreaking book couldn’t be better, especially when considering that U.S. Representatives Randy Hultgren and Dan Lipinski recently introduced the Healthy Relationships Act of 2015, a bill that “reprioritizes the sexual risk avoidance education model to help teens make smart and healthy relationship decisions . . . the bill would remedy the troubling 16:1 funding disparity between contraceptive-centered sex education and SRA education, and provide more information for teens that may choose to avoid risky sexual behavior.”

Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut is now available online by clicking here.

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