They’re Here! They’re Queer!

They’re the #NYFLC2015! The Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Young Feminist Leadership Conference is meeting this weekend in Washington, D.C., but if you mistook this event for a lesbian festival, the confusion is not your fault. Last year, several attendees at the conference complained that the event was not “queer” enough. No one could make that complaint this year. A blue-haired nose-pierced teenager who last year demanded “more queer feminism” this year was crying in joy over a speech by lesbian activist Darlene Nipper.

Queer feminists were everywhere at this year’s conference, including on the “Sex Positivity” panel, where college girls learned about “exploring and deconstructing gender norms and promoting self-love.”

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There was a “Queering Your Campus” panel offering college girls “inclusive discussions . . . to organize on campus for gender-neutral restrooms or housing” and “sustain a queer campus community.”

Queering Your Campus

Nancy Aragon, National Campus Organizer, FMF

Rukia Brooks, Feminist Collective, University of South Carolina

Cassidy Hammond, Feminists Organizing Real Transformation Here (FORTH), SUNY Purchase

Beth Feldstein, Wellesley College

Samantha Master, Youth and Campus Engagement Manager, Human Rights Campaign

Koda Mehalba, President, The Alliance, Salem State University

And then, of course, there was the “LGBTQ Frontiers” panel because “it’s time for our activism around LGBTQ+ to expand,” teaching “what true liberation and equality for LGBTQ people looks like.”

LGBTQ Frontiers: Beyond Marriage Equality

Gautam Raghavan, Vice President of Policy, The Gill Foundation

Shelley Hallstead, Law Students for Reproductive Justice Fellow, National Center for Lesbian Rights

Laura Durson, Director, Center for American Progress LBGTQ Research and Communications Project

Cathy Santos, Secretary & Co-Founder of Trans Students Advisory Committee, Feminist Collective, University of South Carolina

Just included a couple of biographies to point out that these college girls were spending the weekend in Washington with Nancy Aragon, “a proud queer feminist,” and Samantha Master, a “Black, queer, feminist activist,” among others. Hey, did you notice the name of Carmen Rios here? Yeah, we remember the “raging lesbian feminist” Carmen Rios.

Just a few tweets of possible interest to feminist youth:

Please excuse the low-quality scans from the #NYFLC2015 program. The Feminist Majority Agenda didn’t list the panel descriptions or name the participants on their web siteI wonder why? — and so my source scanned in pages using a smartphone. Not going to name my source without permission. I wouldn’t want an agent of the patriarchy to be targeted for “inclusivity” by a mob of angry lesbians.

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