Tell Eric Holder: Congress Passed No Law Making Sex Change a Civil Right

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They did it again. The Obama Administration, specifically current Attorney General Eric Holder, has invented a new law through “memorandum,” attempting to advance sexual deviance when Congress has made no such law.

Sex change is now a federal civil right, Holder declares, and Title VII can apply to fake women just like real women in situations involving alleged sex discrimination. Holder and the Department of Justice will now argue that men who dress as women are girls, too, because their confused minds say it’s so.

Are you now pondering which elements of your imagination you can get Eric Holder to legitimize? The possibilities are staggering. Can I be 21 again? How about tall and blonde?

Holder is following the lawless example of the EEOC and its transgender-affirming decree in 2012, and Obama’s unilateral pronouncement of “protection” for federal workers based on homosexual or cross-gender identities earlier this year.

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Who needs Congress? We have Obama and Holder. Just send them your ideas.

Yet what if you would prefer your kids not be compelled to respect “LGBT” conduct? Local schools are being forced to their knees to accommodate a handful of students per school who become poster children for sexual anarchy. These vulnerable kids should not be exploited this way, but should be offered legitimate counseling along with high standards affirming biological reality and sound morality.

But the ACLU just filed a “complaint” with the DOJ and the U.S. Department of Education over a new policy of the Gloucester County (Virginia) Public Schools. The board there passed a measure, 6 to 1, that the bathrooms and locker rooms of students will be limited to “corresponding biological gender.” Transgender students are to use alternate facilities.

But here’s what the ACLU imagines is going on:

The school board adopted the policy by a vote of 6-1 on December 9, 2014, despite warnings from the ACLU and the ACLU of Virginia that the policy violates federal law prohibiting sex discrimination by schools.

Except that this is not true. There is no such “federal law” where males are covered under the female sex discrimination law, Title VII, or even females who want to dress as males. Do men now get to invade female protections as long as they dress for the occasion? This sounds a lot like….discrimination! No, Congress has passed no such law. There are only “memoranda” from federal agencies and from Obama.

As the saying goes, repeat a lie often enough….

The discerning person would step back and wonder why any time is devoted to gender confusion at all, simply based on numbers. There are only a few thousand openly transgendered people in America, so what’s the real point here?

Well, of course we know, if we’re following the deliberate destruction of Western civilization by Barack Obama and his henchpeople. It’s all about in-your-face defiance of the rule of law and traditional morality.

Their whole “transgender” argument is irrational. In order to make a claim of “sex discrimination” to begin with, there has to be an understanding that such an unchangeable condition such as “sex,” i.e., fixed gender, exists. If it’s all imaginary and changeable, there is really no basis for a claim of discrimination. Something immutable needs to be recognized– like the fact of biology– not simply the discriminatory treatment someone receives.

Perhaps the accusations of sex/gender stereotypes themselves are “socially constructed,” or “assigned” and not tangible. What basis is there for a legal action if there’s no “finding of fact,” an underlying objective and immutable reality?

“Her salary was not equal to that of her male co-workers.” Well, what’s a “male” anyway? Maybe in their heads, the human resources personnel are imagining these men are really transgendered women…so there would be no sex-based inequality, just variance in performance, etc.

You see the problem. The loony left would hoist itself on its own petard if there was any accountability. They don’t just apply double and quadruple standards, but infinitely malleable and subjective ones. It’s lawlessness and chaos, and the Obama federal agency goal is for the only resolution to reside in the activist courts, where the DOJ can manipulate facts and stretch case law to its ultimate distortion, aligned with the imaginations of corrupt attorneys.

How can America survive under such tyrannical notions of justice?

Although seldom considered by the left, objective truth would be very helpful here. People don’t change gender. They just become caricatures and pretenders even after the amputation of healthy body parts or the grafting of artificial ones. People also can’t “marry” someone of the same gender. And none of this is biological or inborn. It’s all human artifice, one more way to deny that there is a God and that He created us.

How can we overcome this ruthless compulsion for schoolchildren to learn nightmarish identities and behaviors? Shouldn’t there be congressional investigations into the sexual deviancy agenda of the Obama administration? By the edicts of “memoranda,” the DOJ and the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education have declared that schools must accept homosexuality and gender confusion. They’ve used the “anti-bullying” platform and now, Title VII.

It’s an assault on the basic human rights of millions of American families and threatens the well-being of children. Companies, schools, and even possibly religious institutions may now be compelled to accept sodomy and gender-bending or be hit with bankrupting federal lawsuits.

And this is all happening without the approval of Congress, by executive fiat. It will not only cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees to defend against lawless, pink legal advocates, but this agenda punishes the best values in America while ennobling the worst.

There are sound reasons why these deviant behaviors have not been declared civil rights by Congress. They are unnecessary, harmful, disease- ridden and used as weapons to rip apart Judeo-Christian morality in America and punish those who believe in it.

Want to do something? Contact your senator or congressional representative and ask for hearings about the sexual deviancy agenda of the DOJ and DOE. It needs to end, now.

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