The Resurrection of Lew Eisenberg: More Evidence GOP Establishment Hates Us

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Could you imagine the uproar that would occur if the Democrat Party appointed as its CFO someone with a long history of supporting marriage as only between a man and a woman, the sanctity of life, and the Second Amendment?

No, you can’t imagine it for the same reason you can’t imagine riding your unicycle to Saturn. Both are impossible.

Unless the literal hand of God swooped down and made it so, in no known universe would today’s Democrat Party put someone who was an anathema to the values enshrined in its platform in charge of the mother’s milk of politics. See, the people running the Democrat Party aren’t ashamed of the principles the party is supposed to stand for. Nor do they hate their own base.

Unfortunately, the people running the Republican Party do.

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They prove this to us every chance they get. Like this week’s appointment of Lew Eisenberg to Financial Chairman of the Republican National Committee as just the latest example.

So who is Lewis Eisenberg?

He’s a long-time GOP fat cat with close ties to all the wrong people in the party, and most recently was a top bundler for Mitt Romney in 2012. Furthermore, this is hardly his first rodeo at the RNC. Check out this excerpt from the Washington Times back in 2002 when he previously was appointed to this post, and see if any of this sounds familiar:

Some conservatives are unhappy with the expected election of prominent New Jersey fund-raiser Lewis Eisenberg as the party’s new national finance chairman. “I have a big problem with Eisenberg,” said pro-life Texas RNC member Tim Lambert. “My perception is he is only for Republicans who are left-of-center.” At the behest of the White House, party officials asked Georgia Republican Party Chairman Ralph Reed to nominate Mr. Eisenberg for the top finance post at the Austin meeting. A move intended to make his election more acceptable to the right. Mr. Reed is the Christian Coalition’s former executive director. “We’re grateful [Mr. Eisenberg] is willing to serve,” said Ann Wagner, co-chairman of the RNC. “He has a long history of raising money for Republicans across the ideological spectrum, from Bob Dole and George Bush to George Pataki and Christie Todd Whitman.”

Side note: apparently Dole, Bush, Pataki, and Todd Whitman represent the “ideological spectrum” in the Republican Party and not just proxies of the same establishment. This will be breaking news to most conservatives. But I digress…

Mr. Eisenberg founded the socially liberal, pro-choice Republican Leadership Council. Some staunch pro-life Republicans believe the RLC’s real goal is to purge them from the party. “As a conservative, it concerns me that he has been in the forefront of the RLC, which has tried to cut the legs off the conservative movement, especially on the pro-life issue,” said Dr. Buddy Witherspoon, a South Carolina RNC member. “If politics had truth-in-packaging, the RLC would be required to drop the ‘R,'” said veteran conservative activist Gary Bauer. Beyond criticizing Mr. Eisenberg’s politics, e-mail messages about his personal life have circulated among RNC members. In 1989, Mr. Eisenberg resigned his partnership in the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs after a former assistant filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. A 1990 Wall Street Journal article said “no one denies” that Mr. Eisenberg, who was married at the time, had a seven-year affair with Kathy Abraham. In her lawsuit, she claimed that Mr. Eisenberg suggested she have sex with other Goldman Sachs partners. The suit was later dismissed and Miss Abraham recanted her claims after receiving a settlement from the firm. Some conservatives expressed shock that Mr. Eisenberg is supported by Mr. Bush who, in his inaugural address, spoke of his commitment to “character” and “personal responsibility.” Texas RNC member Denise McNamara said she was “deeply disappointed in the choice of Mr. Eisenberg.” “It says our party’s standards are no different from the standards of the Democrats,” she said.

A friend of mine is a long-time conservative consultant also from Eisenberg’s native New Jersey named Rick Shaftan. Shaftan has been battling the likes of Eisenberg within the party for decades.

“Eisenberg’s hatred for conservatives and love of abortion are lifelong,” Shaftan said.  “He contributed to Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan. He’s a left-wing militant scumbag whose political goal has been to purge conservatives from the Republican Party.”

In 2007, an article in Human Events said Eisenberg’s “ultimate goal” is to “remove the pro-life plank from the Republican platform.” Human Events also said the following about Eisenberg:

Eisenberg’s support for Republicans appears to be limited, as his money has been sent to liberal Democrats Dick Gephardt, Tim Wirth, Chris Dodd, Bruce Babbitt, Joe Biden, and others. In 1999 a “Roll Call” article reported he had voted in just two of eleven GOP primaries between 1987-1997.

Let’s set aside the fact the allegedly “pro-God” party just appointed someone so morally bankrupt they believe in the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent little babies to handle its money, as difficult as that alone might be.

We conservatives are constantly lectured that we’re too “divisive” for wanting to actually advance the principles in the party platform. But Eisenberg is a guy who for decades has aided and abetted our opposition on all issues, not just pro-life for the preborn. And this same party elevates him to one of its most powerful positions yet again.

Tell you what, two can play at that game. If Eisenberg is now the GOP’s self-appointed standard for party loyalty, I’m perfectly fine showing the exact same level of loyalty to the RNC that Eisenberg has shown to us.

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Steve Deace
Steve Deace is one of the "Heavy Hundred" talk show hosts in America according Talkers Magazine. His influence in the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses has been profiled in much of the national media, and he's also a columnist for The Washington Times. His new book, out now and endorsed by a who's who of conservative leaders, is titled Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.

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