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Opening arguments were presented to the Supreme Court last week, in the case of same-sex “marriage.”

This situation would have been widely recognized as too absurd to be taken seriously just 20 years ago, and yet, here we are. At issue, is whether the citizens of any U.S. state will continue to have the right to ban same-sex couplings and call them marriages.

The Homo-fascists and the Lawless Left have long distorted the central issue, claiming entitlement of a fundamental civil right to seize the status and benefits of marriage. But that’s a gross distortion of the truth.

This case is actually far more serious. There is real potential for the abolition of religious freedom in America. The godless are now attempting to use specious and obscure claims of a Constitutional right-to-do-evil as a bludgeon to smash to dust, the religious freedom of those of us who oppose their dangerous and deadly desires.

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The attorneys representing homosexuals and lesbians want all state bans on same-sex “marriage” to be stuck down. Attorneys representing the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee, want the High Court to uphold their right to ban them.

Very little of the actual proceedings are made public. Only audio and/or video recordings that the justices approve are released. It’s an interesting process that the U.S. Supreme Court follows. The justices do not address one another directly, rather they pose questions and make comments through the attorneys representing the opposing sides. But some of the hollow arguments and senseless statements are very troubling.

At one point, Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out that the only western nation to have approved same-sex “marriage” is the Netherlands, which did so in 2001. He asked why the Supreme Court of United States should turn our society upside down.

In response to Justice Scalia’s question, Justice Stephen Breyer said that the argument that something should remain simply because, “We’ve always done it that way,” was a weak argument against the Civil Rights Act as well.”

While Justice Scalia’s questions are never so simplistic, taking a battle-ax to the one remaining pillar of our civilization, simply because “we have never done it before,” is equally feckless.

Michigan Solicitor General John Bursch argued against changes to the definition of marriage, claiming that procreation is its purpose, opening the door for Justice Sonia Sotomayor to point out that some heterosexual couples choose not to have children, whereas some homosexual couples do.

The trouble with that argument is that good governments make laws for the general rule, not the tiny minority of exceptions.

Predictably, Mary Bonauto, one of the attorneys representing homosexuals and lesbians, pointed out that same-sex “marriage” is currently legal in 36 states. And that is correct, but only because unwise and unrighteous activist federal “judges” have struck down many state bans, not because the people in those states approve of the fraudulent marriages.

Once again, the Godless Left is appealing to the 14th Amendment, that same antebellum amendment that was perverted by the 1973 Supreme Court to invent a new “right” to dispose of 50 million pre-born children in America.

There is no right that is being denied to homosexuals and lesbians that requires the invocation of the 14th Amendment. It’s important to remember that what we have here is people who have chosen to be identified by their own depraved behavior, and not by any immutable characteristic.

Moreover, this tiny minority of 2-5% of the U.S. population cannot be permitted to reorder our society according to a corrupt worldview not shared by the rest.

While the reports we read and hear from the media are incomplete and often distorted, there exist some important arguments that seem to have been overlooked. Procreation is not the central or even most important reason that marriage must remain as it has, and to suggest such puts the entire case on a precarious footing.

The safe and healthy upbringing of children into productive and responsible adults is far more important than simple procreation, and, as one who comes from a family that was ripped apart by divorce, it’s one I know all too well.

If children are permitted to be adopted by same-sex couples, generations of brokenness, confusion, misery and sexual abuse will be the certain result. The recent violent events in Baltimore and Ferguson are a screaming witness to the destruction that results from a breakdown in families. Can America afford the family’s total dissolution?

The nobility of the marriage of a man to a woman is a natural, moral and religious truth that has served mankind well for the ages that humans have been walking on the earth. To pollute it at this time in our history would be no less foolish than a man pulling down the roof of his house upon his own head.

Because the United States is so deeply divided over moral and legal fundamentals, it would be difficult to see how the wrong decision here will not result in a second American civil war. A ruling by the Supreme Court to overturn bans on same-sex “marriage” that have been properly enacted by the states will be correctly viewed by Christians as an openly belligerent affront to religious liberty, the consequences of which, may be dire.

This case could well be the fuse that ignites the powder keg of outrage that leads the nation into the first battle of a new war. Our future as a nation and indeed, whether we have one, may well depend upon how the Supreme Court decides this case.

It would be utter foolishness for the Homo-fascists, the Lawless Left and their media mouthpieces to mistake the kindness and peacefulness of the Right as submission or weakness. May God’s will prevail in the United States Supreme Court.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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