Democrats in Power Since 2006: Eight Years of Failure

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Democrats took control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections, setting the stage for an Obama administration that controlled the federal government from 2008-2010.  Since 2010, the Democrats have controlled the Senate and the White House.  What harm have they done in eight years while spending about $24 Trillion?  First, China eclipsed the U.S., becoming the number one economy in the world, and secondly, our credit rating took a dive.  Otherwise, take a look at these primary economic indicators.

JOBS      Not a pretty picture, no matter how Obama tries to spin it.

erickson 1 jan 3

THE ECONOMY  Not a pretty picture either, even with the spin!

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 erickson 2 jan 3

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEBT PICTURE – $55,000 per American now: Obama has added $5.3 Trillion

erickson 3 jan 3

MEDIAN INCOME   Another ugly picture: the Middle Class is a priority?!

To be fair, building permits are up, the housing market seems to be improving, claims for unemployment benefits are down, and consumer confidence is up given lower gas prices resulting in more disposable income.  Yet, the writing is on the wall.  Given our rapidly increasing debt, lackluster growth overall, continuing under-employment and falling incomes, plus the threat of another housing collapse, the future does not look good.   In fact, many experts predict collapse, thanks in part to the impact of ObamaCare.

Sound economic policy changes—-reduced debt via real cuts in government spending, regulatory and tax reform, sound monetary policy, investments in infrastructure, rational healthcare reform—are required, but they are rejected by Democrats who continue pushing a tax and spend government supporting a growing dependency class.  Thanks to Democrat policies the only real growth we see is in poverty rates and food stamp recipients.

Illegal immigration and amnesty encouraged by the Democrats only worsen the problem.  Obviously, if you add millions of workers to a system already starved for jobs, the unemployment situation will worsen, and government spending will increase, which forces tax increases, all combining to kill economic recovery.

The basis of a sound civilization in terms of domestic tranquility and national security is prosperity.  Given the Democrat’s record on the economy for eight years, wisdom requires a serious course correction, especially in terms of choosing our next President.

Putting another Democrat in the White House would be disasterous for the country, as history shows, even worse if you  consider colossal failures by Democrats in foreign policy, fighting terrorism and the deteriorating domestic scene.

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