Christian Activists: Pro-‘Gay’ Extremists in Indiana Now ‘Smell Blood in the Water’

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By Charlie Butts

Pro-family activists argue that Indiana’s plan to amend its new religious freedom law specifically to protect homosexuals is only the first step by activists in the state in suppressing Christianity. 

OneNewsNow — Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the bill last week that protects individuals from being forced to violate their religious conscience. After several days of intense backlash from homosexuals and their supporters, Governor Pence announced in a press conference Tuesday he will instruct legislators to amend the bill to make sure people of faith don’t discriminate against homosexuals – thereby addressing what he describes as a “perception problem” about the bill enabled in part by “sloppy reporting.”

Matt Barber, a constitutional attorney and founder of, points out that the new law – from a material standpoint – largely mirrors the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that President Bill Clinton signed into law years ago.

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“And all [the Indiana bill] does is prevent the government from forcing individuals to violate their conscience in their dealings with other individuals,” Barber adds.

American Family Association (AFA) president Tim Wildmon finds Pence’s response to the criticism disconcerting.

“There are 19 states that already have the very same kind of law that Indiana has passed,” he points out. “It’s based on a federal law that was passed in the ’90s … So this is all hyperbole, this is all over the top; this is ‘the sky is falling’ garbage from the LGBT crowd and their liberal media supporters.”

Like Wildmon, Barber is disappointed by Pence’s plan for “clarification” of the Indiana law because activists, he says, will now “smell blood in the water.”

“And they will not rest until this and all other religious freedom restoration acts are repealed,” he states, “because their goal here is to force the affirmation of homosexual behavior and the homosexual lifestyle and to do away with any public exercise or representation of Christianity.”

AFA is asking Christians to make a solid statement against actions by a company fighting against the law – a company that, in fact, has applied intense pressure on Indiana to change the law to protect homosexuals. Specifically, Angie’s List threatened to halt a $40-million expansion in the state.

“We need to let Angie’s List hear from people who subscribe to their service and to other potential customers so that they will back off,” says Wildmon. “It’s really representative of an anti-Christian bigotry on the part of Angie’s List.”

Angie’s List, according to Wildmon, is criticizing the law as “somehow being bigoted toward homosexuals when it’s not at all.”

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