Alabama Justice Shows Courage Others Should Follow, Says Barber

By Charlie Butts

A far-left group has filed a complaint against Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. 

OneNewsNow — Last week, Moore released a public letter to Gov. Robert Bentley suggesting the state does not have to bow to a federal judge’s decision that Alabama’s marriage amendment – approved by 81 percent of voters – is unconstitutional.

Matt Barber, founder of and a constitutional attorney, says that America is not governed by a “judiciaryocracy.” Other justices across the country should do what Moore (pictured below) is doing, he says.

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“There is no constitutional foundation for deconstructing the institution of marriage,” he tells OneNewsNow.

After Moore’s letter, the Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a judicial ethics complaint against Moore for asking that the state uphold its Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore 620x300

Barber calls the complaint “hot air and bluster” by the SPLC, which is based in Alabama.

“They’re trying to garner propaganda here – garner P.R. for their own fundraising mechanisms,” Barber alleges.

Moore famously pushed back against a federal judge’s order in 2003 to remove the Ten Commandments from Alabama Judicial Building. Moore was removed from his post as chief justice for that defiance. He won re-election to that post in 2012.

SPLC, meanwhile, is a far-left organization that labels organizations such as the American Family Association “hate groups.” Yet its own “Hate Map” was used by a gunman to attempt mass murder at the Family Research Council, based in Washington, D.C.

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