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Caitlin Stasey (@caitlinstasey) is a 24-year-old Australian actress who became a child star at age 12 in a series called The Sleepover Club. Her smiling face, however, concealed a world of inner emotional turmoil. Growing up in a sex-obsessed society seems to be a profoundly frightening experience for many girls nowadays. The decline of marriage and the destruction of moral norms are part of a cultural syndrome that produces what I have called “a sort of social epidemic of bipolar hysteria, in which minds unmoored from cultural tradition constantly shift between utter confusion and radical certainty.”

Both confusion and certainty are evident in the account Ms. Stasey shares with readers at her new feminist site

I had an oddly dichotomous upbringing, my father an atheist, my mother agnostic & my education Catholic. I was sent to a Catholic school primarily because of class sizes. . . . After entering high school (also Catholic) I abandoned the notion of God in the Christian sense; I couldn’t reconcile the church’s stance on sexuality with my own views. I became incredibly hateful of religion & am now resolute that it is one of the greatest tragedies to befall mankind. . . .

My parents were incredibly thoughtful, attentive & loving but there was certainly no love lost between them. It felt as though every moment of peace was heavy with the anticipation of another fight between them. . . . [G]rowing up around that much resentment was incredibly stressful. I think I may be one of few children to feel relief upon hearing my parents were divorcing. My exact words, according to my mother, were “Good.” . . .

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Puberty was devastating for me. I suddenly had stretch marks all over my body, cellulite, hair, lumps, acne. . . . I was embarrassed by the changes I was going through and I had no real outlet for my confusion but, more than anything, I was embarrassed by my interest in sex, one that was present in me LONG before puberty. . . .

I would have vivid dreams about other women. Every night I’d drift off into this utopia of women being available to me & knowing nothing other than my desire for them. There was no one in my life who also expressed these desires, no one in the entertainment I consumed, the books I would read, the company I kept. A lack of monumental events shaped my sexuality,masturbating in secret, telling no one, saying nothing, concealing all sexual queries or thoughts. . . .

I’ve known I was mostly gay ever since I can remember. I know it troubles many people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner. . . .

FULL STOP. Ms. Stasey is currently in a relationship with actor Lucas Neff, 29, recently notorious for his hatred of Republicans:

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‘Anti-choice’ ‘scumbag women’: Actor Lucas Neff says more female GOPers don’t make party less sexist

So girls who grow up masturbating to lesbian fantasies are into guys like Lucas Neff. Go figure. Back to Ms. Stasey’s account:

My vagina has been an unending and constant source of turmoil for me — not that vaginas are intrinsically female, it’s just happened to be a big part of womanhood for me personally — [urinary tract infections], PH imbalances, sexual dysfunction, pain, discomfort. Sexual education is no way near comprehensive enough as all of these things I’ve had to learn myself, treat myself & diagnose myself. I’m still struggling to gain control over my body, over my vagina. . . .

Growing up in dueling worlds — Catholic & secular — my relationship to my sexuality was constantly in flux. I tried not to think about it unless I needed to masturbate. Instead of it being a part of me it felt like a weird compulsion I had to take care of every now and then and then try to forget about. I used to pray every time I touched myself and I would cry myself to sleep, fearful of the wrath of God, guilty for my sins etc. etc. . . .

FULL STOP. Notice that in the conflict between her “dueling worlds,” Ms. Stasey is certain that it’s the “wrath of God” part that’s wrong, rather than her own perverse compulsions. Because I’m not Catholic, I have no idea what Ms. Stasey was taught in her schools. Growing up Baptist, I learned that humans are naturally sinful and can only be saved through grace. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:23-24). Furthermore, “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28). Knowing this, through all my backsliding and wickedness and troubles, I never lost faith nor doubted the righteousness of God.

Excuse me for preaching, but some people can’t seem to get their minds around this concept of total human depravity and salvation by grace. Dude, back in the day I dealt dope in felony weight. I worked as a strip club DJ. I’ve seen total human depravity face-to-face, and have survived to tell you Jonathan Edwards was right: We are sinners in the hands of an angry God, deserving nothing but destruction, with no hope at all but grace. We can never deserve salvation by our own merit (“filthy rags” Isaiah 64:6) and thus can have no pride or self-righteousness. Yet despite our utter wretchedness, we are called to the service of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Well, Caitlin Stasey is certainly against us:

What is your political stance on women’s reproductive rights?

No one anywhere ever should EVER be able to tell a woman what is right for her body regarding her reproductive rights. If you’re pro life/anti contraceptive, swell, just keep it to your f–king self & practice it, don’t enforce it on others.

Are you pro life or pro choice?

Super duper pro pro pro SUPER PRO choice. I volunteer at a clinic that performs clinical abortions & escort patients to the waiting room from their cars, just to help them avoid harassment & so that they can see that they are supported.

What are your feelings about contraceptives? Their availability, cost, stigma, usage?

Contraceptives should be free, they should come in a wide variety pertaining to the needs of the individual & should be available on every f–king street corner.

What are your feelings on casual sex?

As long as it’s consensual, casual sex is an incredible tool to empower yourself with, help you learn your own body & its needs. Just BE SAFE.

Are you in a relationship(s)?

I am in a somewhat open relationship with the love of my life. We are not polyamorous but do not limit ourselves physically.

What are your feelings on marriage?

As an archaic institution it’s just awful, as a modern culture it’s even worse. The wedding industry is exploitative & gendered & drives the women who feel compelled to participate to madness. However, I’m an advocate of empowering women to do what THEY want & as long as they’re getting married because they TRULY believe it’s what THEY want & not what is expected OF them, then go for it. . . .

What are your feelings on monogamy?

It’s so pointless, painful & archaic. If it works for you and you genuinely find true contentment within monogamy then by all means endure it, but the fact that it’s the status quo is truly discriminative.

You can read the whole thing, which is illustrated with naked photos of Caitlyn Stasey, but I’m sure no Christian would be tempted to sinful lustfor her after reading the hideous madness that pours forth from her disordered mind full of “vile affections” (Romans 1:26).

In my studies of radical feminism for the “Sex Trouble” series, I’ve noticed that this combination of personal confusion and politicalcertainty is so common as to be typical. Kate Millett, Andrea Dworkin,Joyce Trebilcot, Laurie Penny — these are all “broken people,” as Professor Reynolds said, sharing the radical conviction that those of us who are normal, sane and happy are the real problem in the world.

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