It is Time to Call Out Homosexual Bully Dan Savage for His Savagery

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By Steve Pauwels

Among the politically dialed-in, most know about prospective presidential candidate Ben Carson’s recent kerfuffle. The media, after all, breathlessly scandalized, fixated on it for several days. The retired, world-class neurosurgeon volunteered to CNN‘s Chris Cuomo what, today, is popularly deemed the unthinkable: he believes homosexuality is a choice, citing as evidence the behavior of loads of heterosexual inmates who swing the other way while incarcerated.

Widespread, hand-over-the-mouth gasping promptly ensued. Did you hear what Ben Carson said?!?!

Even Glenn Beck — plainly as jittery about being tagged a “homophobe” as is Bill O’Reilly about the “conservative” label — pronounced curtains down on Dr. Carson’s White House aspirations. Seemed everyone was talking — most of them aghast — about the sixty-three-year-old’s not altogether unreasonable observation.

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What didn’t command nearly as much ink or commentary was “gay” activist and sex columnist Dan Savage’s grotesque — and, trust me, “grotesque” doesn’t come close to sufficiently describing it — response to Carson.

Using what TruthRevolt‘s Ben Shapiro properly identifies as Savage’s “trademark vulgarity”, the homosexual loudmouth challenged Carson: “[S]how us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my d**k…I’ll bring my d**k and a camera crew and you can s**k me off and win the argument.”

Mindlessly raging,  puerile, hideous — and this assault, mind you, erupts from a man who, ironically, is advertised as an “anti-bullying” crusader, the founder of the “It Gets Better Project” to help prevent suicide among LGBT youth. Point of fact, Savage is no stranger to a public vileness of dizzying proportions. In between White House visits — he’s been invited there on at least two occasions —  he’s built a cottage industry around being an all-purpose, foul-mouthed jerk.

Tad Cronin calls him an “anti-bullying terrorist”. Gary Demar follows suit: Savage is an “anti-bully bully”, “the homosexual community’s version of ISIS … sent out to flay anybody who dares to question the moral appropriateness of same-sex sexuality.”

Yes, this fifty-year-old,  pro-pornography  organizer of “Hump Fest” — an annual dirty movie tour billed by The Stranger as the “Northwest’s biggest and best amateur-produced porn festival” — is simply an awful person.

In many ways, Savage is a walking-around caricature of the hissy, sex-obsessed, emotionally-damaged pervert, howling at a world that can’t help but look askance at him:

— More than once, Savage has pined, on-the-record, for the physical demise of politicians of whom he disapproves. (To his credit, he’s apologized for these death-wishes).
— He seems to favor booming “f-bombs” for targets which dare cross him, including Green Party Candidate Carl Romanelli, Utah (the state!), GOP members and insensitive school administrators.
— When  professional counselor  Marcus Bachmann,  Congresswomen Michelle Bachmann’s husband, was accused of endorsing “gay-reparative” therapy, Savage openly suspected Bachmann himself might be a secret homosexual; a “tormented closet case.
— At 2012’s National High School Journalism conference, Savage, seemingly never missing the chance to begrime the atmosphere, jested lewdly about his “husband” in a speedo, slurred the Bible as “bullsh*t” and profanely harangued scores of students who walked out in protest. Got that? A  middle-aged, sewage-tongued speaker berating a bunch of red-faced teenagers. Classy, Dan.   (He apologized, once more, for his haranguing of the offended students — but not for the content of his address).
— In 2000 Savage wrote that, suffering the flu and livid at conservative presidential contender Gary Bauer’s outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage, he’d covertly posed as a Bauer campaign worker,  licking doorknobs and other office paraphrenalia, even passing on to Bauer a saliva-contaminated pen, hoping to infect the candidate and his supporters. (Reportedly, no apology for this outrage; but eventually  he did insist much of his story had been fictitious.)
— Savage poached the names “Santorum” and “Saddleback”, distorting their definitions into something deviantly obscene, in order to vilify, respectively, traditionalist Republican Senator Rick Santorum and Pastor Rick Warren’s pro-family Saddleback Church.

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