The War Obama Refuses to Fight

Barb Wire

The ultimate problem with appeasement—as any rational person knows—is the inevitable fight is much worse, causing more death and destruction than if we just get it over with, and fight like hell to win.  The dictator is never satisfied with bread crumbs: he demands the whole loaf.

Six years of Obama retreat and surrender resulted in more violence, death, destruction and defeat.  All this will escalate during the next two years, further crippling our ability to secure the country and defend our allies.

I expect we’ll fight back effectively, but only with courageous and sober leadership, so lacking in the present day.

When we finally do make the tough decision to elect a real president, we will have a lot of ground to make up, since Obama has not only squandered all the gains made during the Bush administration, he has decimated our military and intelligence capabilities and given aid and comfort and material support to our enemies.

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In a normal world all this would have led to charges of treason, but obviously, we live in an abnormal world where the color of one’s skin trumps both character and due process.

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