The Only Civil War That Matters?

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Progressives have a nasty habit of trying to intimidate their opponents with hate speech and demagoguery in order to force them into silence.  They routinely play the race card as they did last week concerning the senate confirmation hearings of Loretta Lynch, claiming the GOP is trying to send her to the back of the bus.  The standard narrative is that only white people are capable of racism.  A similar narrative is that anybody that opposes gay marriage must be a homophobe, right?  Well, actually that is no longer the case!

Two of the most famous gay men in the world, Dolce and Gabbana, fashion designers and icons, who themselves were in a committed relationship for nearly 20 years shocked the world by coming out of the closet in favor of traditional marriage.  Even worse, for the activist community that is, they underscored the need of children to be raised by both a mother and father and they condemned the use of “rented” wombs as a means of bypassing the otherwise obvious limitations of gay reproductive capabilities.

The homosexual community went apoplectic, in part because they couldn’t condemn the pair with the standard overwrought condemnation that they were homophobic.   Elton John did manage to condemn them for being “archaic” and downright offensive, but the charges fell flat.  That is because most people recognize that people are entitled to their opinions with respect to the value of traditional marriage, even gays like Dolce and Gabbana who have gone off the reservation.

While this story was breaking, Katy Grimes who writes for the Flashreport, revealed some startling information about the newest California edition of children’s text books for K-12 students.  Thanks to a bill that was passed several years back, all text books in our state are now required to go out of their way to include narratives, only positive narratives mind you, about the contributions to society of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people as part of the social science and history curriculums.  Parents will not be able to opt their children out of the curriculum.  What will be left out of the curriculum however will be such lesser important historical subjects like the Civil War!

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One of the academic experts involved in creating the standards for the curriculum was UCSB Professor Leila Rupp.  Her claim to fame?  Professor Rupp invited a drag queen to perform in her class, that is, he stripped until he was completely naked, in front of her undergraduate students.  The Professor herself had a small role at the end of the performance which I won’t describe in a family newspaper.  May we assume a great time was had by all at this taxpayer funded prestigious institution of higher learning?  Rest assured, at least we know the minds of our kindergartners are in the good hands of learned professionals such as Professor Rupp.

Celebrating historical aberrations while condemning tradition, ignoring history and facts, is that what it means to be a progressive?

First Published in the Santa Barbara News Press

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