The Left’s Inhumanity to Man (Video)

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By servative

You might have seen this “ad for Huggies showing a blind soon-to-be-mother ‘meeting’ her unborn son Murilo for the first time …”

She was given a 3-D printout of her sonogram, so she could feel what he looks like. My wife saw it on Facebook. A few days later it showed up on Fox. “I’m crying,” posted one of her friends.

This is why the pro-abortion activists are so afraid of women being given sonograms of their unborn – because in that moment, all their excuses, all their spin, all their attempts to dehumanize that unborn baby fall on deaf hearts.

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Once a mom can plainly see the humanity of her own baby, it’s game over for anyone trying to talk her out of giving birth to that child.

This keeps hitting me lately – the project of the Left is to dehumanize humanity.

This dehumanization inserts itself between people, like a virus, and gives the Left power and control.

The variations of the Progressive Dehumanizing Ploy:

  • Between a mother and her unborn baby, it’s not a baby – it’s a clump of cells. To hell with it.
  • Between a young man and a woman, feeling their way through their love and life – he’s a paternalist, opportunistic rapist, and she needs a safety blanket.
  • Between a man who runs a business and another who is an employee – one’s a greedy capitalist and the other repressed proletariat in need.
  • Between a police officer and a criminal, God help us if the officer is white and the criminal black – the officer is a power-mad, hateful racist; while we the other is a tragic Frankenstein, of our own making.

Judging people by the content of their character is humanizing. Prejudicing people against each other based on what they look like is not.

When I was growing up in the 70’s, they used to call this stereotyping, the practice of assuming that people of any given socio-economic group were all alike.

What? Blacks are just like everybody else? Women are more than just a pretty face? Of course! For the most part.

And “white people” don’t hate black people, and police officers aren’t out to kill anyone, and men aren’t rapists. For the most part.

Freddie Gray? Perhaps we should assume that police are men, not monsters, before we burn another city to the ground and get more people killed. Whatever happened to calls for “civility?” All quiet on that front all of a sudden, eh?

These days civility is just a word used to dehumanize the annoying Tea Party.

Pamela Geller? Jesus said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Ms. Geller points out that murderous radical Jihadists don’t do either, which makes her “Islamophobic,”a word used to dehumanize the annoying populace who won’t just sit down and shut up while Sharia spreads throughout our country like a plague.

Tom Brady? Rush mentioned that there’d be hell to pay if Tom Brady, a “white” man, didn’t get the hammering that Ray Rice did. Suddenly this is not about men, but about race – dehumanizing.

The end result of all this dehumanization is inhumanity and injustice; and it’s spreading.

Every time you turn around, you hear this nonsense. It’s almost predictable. We should make a game of it. Remember “Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon?” Like that, we could call it “Seven degrees of stereotypical prejudice.

I once had a daughter-in-law who wormed her way through life like this. She would gain someone’s confidence by “helpfully” dissing his friends, and rerouting his relationships through her, gaining power, and control.

Was she trying to be helpful, or was she a sociopath? In the end, it didn’t matter – it was dehumanizing, destructive, and it had to be stopped.

I know that the instinct for humanity is alive somewhere in the soul of people on the Left. For instance, when they personify animals. Remember the quote falsely attributed to Maya Angelou on her stamp that even President Obama repeated?

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. –  Joan Walsh Anglund

See, if birds don’t do things because they must, compelled by instinct or for survival, then WHY NOT PEOPLE? Once you admit that beings have a spirit, there’s no going back: humans are spiritual beings dealing with their physical circumstances as best they can.

Here’s the thing – in a civil society the presumption must be that people are innocent and exercising inner moral constraint. The alternative is a police state, where there can NEVER be enough regulation to perfectly control everyone; and no one, Left or Right, really wants to go there.

We’ve really got to stop this dehumanization of people, looking at every single thing that happens through a lens of racism, sexism, classism, or whatever ism there isn’t.

The Left will balk, but tossing out the accusatory “isms” IS the humane thing to do.

First published at Saving Our Future

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