Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘God Isn’t Done with America Yet’

By David Brody

NEW YORK CITY — In the crowded field of likely Republican presidential candidates, one name jumped to the front of the pack this week.

Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy in a way that made it very clear he will seek the all-important evangelical vote.

Cruz is known as a straight shooter, and in front of a Liberty University audience he made it clear that he aims to be the evangelicals’ first choice for president.

“I believe God isn’t done with America yet,” Cruz told the crowd.

He won’t be alone for long. More than a half dozen likely presidential candidates will court the crucial voting bloc. The question facing Cruz is why him?

Cruz explained to CBN News’ David Brody what sets him apart from other candidates.

“Every one of us should ask any candidate that shows up in front of us, ‘You say you believe these principles, show me. When have you stood up and fought for them? When have you bled for them and what have you accomplished?'” Cruz said. “You shall know them by their fruits.”

Cruz’s strategy will include pointing out victories he argued and won in court: defending the Second Amendment and standing against partial birth abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion.

One thing Cruz said he will not do is sling mud against others.

“There may be other candidates that get down and nasty, who get personal, who go into the gutter and launch attacks. But I ain’t going to be one of them,” Cruz said.

Instead, Cruz insiders tell CBN News the goal is engaging Christians to become more involved in the political process.

“This country remains a country I believe grounded in values, grounded in faith. But far too many Christians have ceded the public arena to people that aren’t believers,” Cruz explained.

As a pastor, Cruz’s father pushes others to speak boldly from the pulpit on issues of the day. That has rubbed off on Cruz and will be one of his main themes.

“We are to be watchmen on the wall. And I believe that there are pastors, there are leaders in the faith community all across this country who were placed in the positions of leadership that they are in today just like Ester, ‘for such a time as this,'” he said.

“That is my hope, that we energize and mobilize courageous conservatives all over this country to pull this country back,” Cruz explained.

So does Cruz believe he was placed in this position “for such a time as this?”

“I hope and pray that I was. And I can tell you I feel privileged at an incredible level to have the opportunity to be in the arena,” he said.

Its an arena where it will soon be standing room only as someone in the crowded GOP presidential field tries to win the chance to take the White House in 2016.

Report via CBN News

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