Planned Parenthood Caught Stealing, Courts Refuse to Hear Case

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By Michael WareBarbWire guest contributor

It is inevitable that when you are in a counseling session, there will arise a confession of sin. Then, almost immediately, there will be a justification. It then becomes the pastor/counselor’s job to confront that sin and get the counselee to see that his sin is dishonoring to God. Once you do that, it then becomes easier to help that person deal with his problems. However, if this is not accomplished, it will, almost without fail, lead to more and greater sin. This is the outcome of what Planned Parenthood is doing.

Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles’ CFO has accused the branch of overcharging the government.

Christian News reports:

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Victor Gonzalez is the former CFO of Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles. He says that he internally audited the organization and found that it had marked up birth control prices far above and beyond their acquisition cost, and in turn requested reimbursement from the government to the tune of $200 million in excess due to the markup.

When Victor reported the discrepancy, he was fired. He then filed a lawsuit against the organization in 2005.

Christian News adds:

“[T]he Euclid Avenue Center facility obtained birth control pills at a cost of $31,936.95, but added a mark-up of $154,990.05—about five times the cost—thus receiving a total reimbursement from the state (and through it, the federal government) of $186,927.00,” it asserted.

“The Mission Valley Center facility obtained Plan B products at a cost of $9,423.90, but added a mark-up of $96,816.09—more than ten times the cost—thus receiving a total reimbursement from the government of $106,239.99,” the ACLJ continued. “PPLA obtained Ortho Novum 777 at a cost of $33,170.96, added a mark-up of $220,365.04—roughly six or seven times cost—and thus grossed $253,536.00.”

The case has been dismissed at the district level twice, upheld at the appeals level once and has now been dismissed at the appeals level. There is a problem with our legal system, if you haven’t noticed. The standard of justice by which to decide right from wrong has been eliminated.  Therefore, we have to hope for a sympathetic judge. But I digress.

Now Victor is taking his case to the Supreme Court.

As the appeals court dismissed his challenge in July of last year, attorneys for Gonzalez with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this month, asking that it rule that the case should be heard. The organization provided a sample of the content of its petition on Tuesday.

It should be a criminal case, as a fraud is clearly being 10801766_561665487269940_8499562898226798483_ncommitted by the organization. And why are we surprised? If they have no problems murdering our babies, why would they blink at stealing our money? Why shouldn’t they steal money? The courts seem satisfied to allow it to happen.

As several of our founders said, “Submit to the law of God or you will submit to Tyrants.” And thieves it seems.

The Supreme Court will not hear this case. If they do, they will probably charge Victor for something. Our nation is such that it is the righteous that now will begin to fear the “law.” God, have mercy.

Michael Ware is a husband, father and elder in the church he attends. He also writes at and


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