World Religions Agree: Marriage is a Man and Woman’s Job

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As I was listening to the latest podcast from Wallbuilders Live this morning, I learned about an interesting conference that occurred at the Vatican last fall.

It was on “The Complementarity of Man and Woman” and it involved representatives from 14 religious traditions around the world–including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Tao, and Buddhist–coming together to recognize and support the complementary relationship of a man and a woman in marriage.

It’s amazing when 14 people of the same religion can get together and agree on something, much less representatives of 14 religions around the world. Yet that is how fundamental marriage is to human existence.

If the Bible is correct (and I have zero doubt at all that it is), then marriage is the FIRST sacred relationship and institution established by God for humanity at the beginning of creation. It predates the church itself, and predates the institution of human government. It applies to the whole human family, regardless of whether or not various people groups forgot or rejected the true God later on as they spread around the earth. That is why every major religion and every civilization throughout history has recognized that marriage can only be between a man and a woman; the institution goes back to the very beginning of the human race, with the first man and woman.

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Only the hedonistic, the ignorant, and those with malevolent intent toward society disagree.  They do so in complete defiance and denial of total historical, scientific and societal refutation of their contention.

As I have pointed out above, history refutes the validity of any shred of legitimacy for homosexual behavior or counterfeit marriage.  Leftist claims that defenders of marriage and sexual normality are “on the wrong side of history” would be laughable, were not the stakes so high.

Statistics and demographics on the health of society also refute the Left’s claims that homosexual behavior and counterfeit marriage are not harmful to society. In addition to the multiple accounts of children of homosexuals that we are hearing, all reputable studies reveal that homosexual parenting is at least as harmful to children and society as is the plague of divorce and out-of-wedlock parenting that has beset our society in recent decades. In addition to the personal harm done to children by the weakening of marriage and family (poor academic performance, anxiety, depression, emotional problems, trouble with the law, poverty, etc.), the $12 billion a year it costs taxpayers to deal with this societal problem is not insignificant.

Finally, science itself resoundingly condemns the legitimacy and efficacy of this behavior, as well as the contention that two people of the same sex can create anything resembling a real marriage. The health hazards associated with homosexual behavior alone should tell any rational person that homosexual behavior is neither legitimate nor positive. Homosexual behavior, from a segment of the population that makes up less than 3% of the whole, accounts for about 70 percent of new AIDS cases, and in some locations, the AIDS rate is ten times higher for homosexuals than for prostitutes. That’s not normal, and that’s not an indicator of a legitimate behavior. Homosexual behavior is also associated with greatly elevated rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, herpes, HPV, anal cancer, hepatitis, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence and more.

Science also makes it clear from the complementary design and function of the male and female sex organs that they were designed to be used in concert with one another (I shouldn’t have to get graphic about this complementary design and function, but just think about how they function together for a few minutes and you’ll figure it out).  Male and female sex organs used in concert with one another are also the only way to produce a biological and scientifically purposeful outcome from the use of those organs: reproduction.

What’s more, the female body is designed with the ability not only to help reproduce a new human being, but to provide a safe environment for the development of that organism until it is ready to live outside her body, and her body was designed to be able to nourish that new life in its early years; the male’s body was also designed to be stronger and more sturdy so the male can provide resources for the female and the child while she is nourishing the child and it is growing.

And as I pointed out above, societally, a home with the biological mother and father is statistically proven to be by far the best environment for the healthy development of a child.  Having a male and a female parent for the child goes beyond simply having two adults to provide for the child. A male and female parent model the complimentary nature and interaction of males and females to the child, and demonstrates to the child that both males and females are necessary and valuable. Conversely, a home that deliberately avoids a male or a female parent sends the unhealthy and unbalanced message to the child that one or the other sex is either unnecessary or undesirable, or both.

It’s obvious what marriage is about…and it has nothing to do with a state-sanctioned “friends-with-benefits registry” or any other kind of state-recognized sexual relationship registry.

Ultimately, there is a virtual tsunami of affirmation for sexual normality and the preservation of marriage and family, and an avalanche of evidence that self-centered efforts to undermine it is poison to society and its individual members.  How much more clear could it possibly be?

But of course, the Leftist agenda against marriage, family and sexual normality has nothing to do with science, history, facts, evidence, or the good of society. It is, at best, purely about feeding the narcissistic tendency of a few malcontents, and for some, using that narcissism as a vehicle to advance a dark agenda against a free society.

That should be as clear as the foundation for marriage and sexual normality, so good people have no reason whatsoever to be timid about defending what is right and pushing back against the Left.

Let’s get busy turning back the barbarians, folks!

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Bob Ellis
Bob Ellis has been the owner of conservative media company Dakota Voice, LLC since 2005. He is a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force, a political commentator for the past decade, and has been involved in numerous election and public policy campaigns for 20 years, including a founding Tea Party leader and organizer starting in 2009. He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife and two children.

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