The Record Instills Confidence in Obama’s Negotiating Skills

Barb Wire

Obama negotiated a deal with Cuba. We got nothing. Castro got everything.

Obama negotiated a deal with Putin. We got nothing. We disarmed and he took Crimea and is invading Ukraine.

Obama negotiated a deal with China on climate change. We made concessions, they conceded nothing.

Obama negotiated a deal with Egypt. They got the Muslim Brotherhood and had to throw it out by military force, and we lost an ally.

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Obama negotiated a deal with Iraq and we got ISIS.

Obama negotiated with NATO and the Arab League and Libya was transformed into a terrorist training camp giving us Benghazi as well as the arming of jihadists in Syria.

Obama negotiated a deal with the Taliban. We got Bergdahl and they got five murderers from Gitmo.

Obama negotiated with Assad, and 250,000 Syrians were slaughtered.

Obama negotiated with Congress and we got the sequester, a government shutdown, wasteful and fraudulent stimulus spending and ObamaCare.

Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran? Given the record of success, why worry?

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