The GOP: Should True Conservatives Leave It Be? (Part 2)

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Part 1 ended:

Tragically, most conservatives seem to lack the good sense to read and understand the lesson of this behavior. They go on wasting their time, material resources and moral energy on the GOP quislings even though pretty much all the evidence of their experience for the last decade and more suggests that, however ironic it may seem, they should do for love of self-evident truth what those who hate the truth are doing for the sake of their lies.

They should leave the quislings be.


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Of course, those who oppose and hate conservatives don’t sit around asking themselves “But what’s the alternative?”

However useful groups like the “Log Cabin Republicans” may be to the ultimate success of their anti-republican agenda, groups like the SCLC know that victory for their cause requires that they single-heartedly promote it.

By contrast, for more than a quarter century allegiance to the Republican Party has been the main reason conservatives continually and systematically betray their own cause, often opposing as Republican voters the very things that, as conservative citizens, they support for their country’s good. How so? By voting for GOP candidates who end up doing little or nothing conservatives support, while collaborating with the Democrats to promote everything their conservative constituents oppose

Conservatives are thus enabling the annihilation of the good they see and claim to serve. As a result, the Constitution of the United States is being replaced by a façade of democratic self-government that masks elitist, totalitarian dictatorship. That dictatorship has already abandoned the just purpose of government.

According to the nation’s founding principles, governments are instituted to secure the species of right with which God informs our nature. To this end it makes use of powers delegated to their representatives by a people whose good will leads them to stand and act together, “with firmness in the right” endowed by God.

This was Lincoln’s true vision of the polity that arises in accord with the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence.

Tragically, that vision has been substantially abandoned by the domineering leaders of the GOP. Whatever deceitful rhetoric they deploy, their actions prove that they have discarded the acknowledgement of the Creator, God, as the source and rule for justice in human affairs.

They have embraced the godless, chancy, materialistic view of things that effectively denigrates human beings to the status of material things, with no being that corresponds to the almost ineffable sense of meaning that otherwise asserts the intrinsic worth of human life and action, regardless of our materially perceived condition.

Yet the spirit made manifest in that sense of meaning is the presence within each of us which, when encountered in another, leads us to see in them what we experience immediately within ourselves, but do not truly recognize until we sense its presence there in them. Thus, coming to know ourselves in others, we recognize their likeness in ourselves, fulfilling the distinctive possibility of self-knowing that sets us on the journey of discovering all that is distinctly human about the nature we share with them.

This recognition of our community with them gives rise to respect for the God-intended individuality, uniqueness and diversity that is supposed to be the best fruit and flowering of humanity.

By the Providence of God the United States of America was, from time to time, gifted with leaders capable of appreciating this purpose of community. It informed the understanding expressed in concrete form in the concept of federalism.

Its root is good faith, which leads us to accept the rules and limits that define our humanity so that the infinite possibilities of our nature can be realized. Its fruit is the diversity of individual persons and communities that arise from carefully exploring those limits, but without surrendering the sense of being beyond them that draws us toward and into that exploration.

Its flowers are the harmless visions of the imagination in which the common spirit that animates us leads us to contemplate all that we may know and become, so long as we are willing to respect the being as such that makes our existence possible.

And for the rest, its overriding imperative is to leave them undisturbed, in the peace surpassing all understanding, by which God makes our co-existence with them possible.

This faithful vision of the whole, humanly conceived and understood, was preached and perfectly exampled in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The special combination of fear, love and respect for God, that gives rise to disciplined respect for His perfect will, along with unfailing trust in His willingness to give of Himself in order to forgive all those who are unwilling to forget Him.

This is the heart of the love of God exemplified for us in Jesus Christ.

We now experience the fearful consequences of being the first generation of Americans whose leaders have openly abandoned and ceased effectively to respect Christ’s example. Is it true that those of us who disagree with such leaders lack the numbers to turn them out of office?

Or does our true weakness lie in our unwillingness to act as one in the Spirit of God’s sufficiency, by which one becomes the basis for an infinite variety of things, which things would include gathering a sufficient number of individuals to return our nation to the path of God-endowed right. We pray for spiritual revival.

But are we willing to consider the possibility that, in a land founded upon respect for the kingdom of God, the occasion of that revival must be a challenge of citizenship that requires us to come together in order to act accordingly?

This would mean that instead of seeking first the victory of the speciously Republican Party, we should follow the instruction of Christ, to seek first the kingdom of God.

And to seek that kingdom in a political movement predicated on standing firmly for the exercise and defense of God-endowed unalienable right on every issue, and in every area of policy, where God’s information of our nature permits us to discern our duty.

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Dr. Alan Keyes
Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.

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