Say No to Shopping at Pro-‘LGBTQueer’ Macys

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Hey, ladies, would it bother you if a guy changing into a dress occupied the fitting room stall next to you at Macys? If this creeps you out, you should thank Natalie Johnson.

She tried to prevent this from happening at a Macys in San Antonio several years ago. And of course, the Macys management was extremely thankful to her for telling a teen cross-dressing male, accompanied by several other “LGBTqueer” friends, that he could not enter the female fitting room.

No, wait. They weren’t thankful. In fact, the Macys’ managers told Natalie to turn in her badge, so to speak. Natalie was terminated but the pushy and deluded young male (a non-female) was given honor and respect for the worthy goal of invading the privacy and safety of actual women.

Natalie cited the Macys’ employment non-discrimination policy, one that includes the category of “religion.” She’s a Christian and found it offensive for a male to undress in the women’s fitting room.

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But religious rights are only included in the Macys’ employment manual for show, apparently. In a head-to head contest against boys in lipstick and heels, the boys win. That’s the culture of Macys.

This is why I have not been inside a Macys since 2011. I used to spend quite a bit of money during the holidays at our local Macys—but no longer. This decision was reinforced as I watched and photographed the huge Macys’ red star balloon flying high above the Columbus “gay” pride parade in both 2013 and 2014. The banner carried by the Macys’ employee group marchers read, “Pride and Joy.”

The star at Christmas is a compelling Christian symbol, evoking the story that means a lot to many of us this time of year. The wise men followed the Star of Bethlehem and worshipped before the infant Savior, Jesus Christ, and offered him priceless gifts worthy of the King of Kings.

It’s insulting that Macys treated a young woman with sincere religious convictions with such disrespect, while upholding the “rights” of those who want to trash businesses and our culture, not to mention religious freedom.

But on top of this, Macys has the gall to use a precious Christian symbol to sell its wares. Some women’s dresses and lingerie at Macys will be purchased by men for themselves. Jesus himself is very clear that humans are designed by the Creator “male and female” (Matthew 19:4). Gender change is a sin, folks.

This Christmas season, think about the fitting room at Macys and whether you would feel welcome there. If you are a male, would your wife, daughters or mom be safe and comfortable there? Do you agree that this seems highly odd, that Macys would so cavalierly disregard the preferences of the vast majority of the women who shop there?

This seems marginally insane, actually. Can businesses be treated for mental illness?

Which leads to another Designation of Dishonor earned recently by Macys: a “100” on the “Corporate Equality Index” devised by the pedophile-founded Human Rights Campaign. HRC is the largest homosexual, “LGBTQueer” group in America, responsible for pushing this deviance into the concept of marriage, into schools and into workplaces. This group is also responsible for disturbingly unjust, inaccurate and deliberately vicious smear campaigns against conservative Christians.

If you’d like to read all about the pressure HRC is putting on businesses to conform to the lowest possible standards of morality and respect for families, go here.

Human Rights Campaign has been in the news recently because the group’s founder and current board member, Terry Bean, has been arrested along with another adult male for having sex ( both of them) with a fifteen-year-old boy they met via the Internet in Oregon. Bean is a major fundraiser for “gay” and Democratic political candidates, including Barack Obama.

That means that on the measures of supporting homosexuality, bisexuality and gender–switching among employees, creating a workplace environment unfriendly to real human rights and morality, and donating money to promote LGBTqueer “marriage” and other culture-smashing causes, Macys gets the Human Rights Campaign’s highest possible rating. How tragic for this once highly-revered store, the founders of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, with precious memories for three generations of American children.

But that’s not today’s Macys.

The Human Rights Campaign gives Macys’ an A+ report card. But we who are believers give them an “F,” for “failure” as well as “fraud.” There are far better places to spend your hard-earned money this Christmas season.

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