NY Birth Certificates Now Allow ‘Mother’ to be ‘Male’ Or Female

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“Most expectant mothers would laugh if someone were to ask them if they were a man or a woman because the answer may seem obvious,” said a Daily Mail report. However, a New York City Health Department form for parents requesting birth certificates now let new mothers decide if they identify as male or female.

With one “simple” question, Big Apple thinks it has the power to change the way nature defines motherhood.

The DailyMail reports that while the question over “sex” may seem shocking to some parents, it was created a few years ago because of homosexual “marriages” becoming legal.

Of course, this has nothing to do with helping mothers and their newborn babies and everything to do with helping the homosexual agenda.

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Human imagination and perversion have no limit. What about if a mother sees herself as a giraffe? If the government accepts her lunacy, what are physicians and nurses to say after the childbirth when she asks them “what is my baby?”

Should their answer be: “It is a lovely little giraffe!”?

Is it an impossible scenario? A man saw himself as a tiger and there was no hindrance for his unnatural wishes. He died as a “tiger”: he committed suicide.

Other lunatics do not commit suicide, but want, and even demand, society to commit suicide because of their immoral and unnatural desires.

If we accept the lunacy of men who think they are giraffes, tigers or female and the government stamp of approval for them, we are worse than suicidal donkeys.

The New York measure is just one step more in the moral suicide of a nation that was a haven for persecuted Christians, but today persecutes Christians, welcomes their Islamic oppressors and is a haven for sodomy tyranny and its militants, imposing it around the world.

Portuguese version of this article: Certidões de nascimento de Nova Iorque agora deixam a mãe ser homem ou mulher

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