Lesbian Cop Accused of Illegal Sex With 17-Year-Old Girl

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Make her a “school resource officer.” What could go possibly wrong?

SEATTLE — A Bothell police officer accused of having sex with a girl she met while serving as a school resource officer has been charged with sex crimes.

Detective Dione Thompson is alleged to have first had sex with the girl when she was a 17-year-old student at Bothell High School. Thompson, now 45, has been charged with sexual misconduct with a minor, a charge meant to punish authority figures who have sexual contact with older children.

According to charging papers, Thompson had sexual contact with the girl in her patrol car, at the Bothell library and outside an Ivar’s restaurant during their months-long liaison. Thompson persuaded the student to move in with her for a time. . . .

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Writing the court, a King County Sheriff’s Office detective said Thompson’s ex-partner reported the claims in August after the former student contacted her. Police then contacted the former student, who detailed the allegations.

Thompson first chatted with the former student by Facebook, then began seeing her outside of school in the summer of 2010, the detective said in charging papers. Thompson ultimately persuaded the student — who was facing “a lot of turmoil” personally — to move into the Shoreline home Thompson shared with her partner. The former student apparently lived there for some time. . . .

The former student told investigators Thompson broke off the relationship in February 2011. Recounting an interview, the detective said the student only recently realized the harm Thompson caused by misusing the power and trust given her.

You may be wondering why this teenager had “a lot of turmoil.” The young woman is under the delusion she’s a young man:

According to charging documents, the alleged victim identified as female in 2010 and 2011, when the alleged sexual misconduct occurred, but now identifies as male. Male pronouns are used throughout the charging papers to refer to Thompson’s alleged victim.

The allegations against Thompson came to light in August when the alleged victim emailed Thompson’s former domestic partner and wrote that Thompson had sexually manipulated him, the papers say. The domestic partner wrote the alleged victim, now 22, and told him she is mandated by law to report allegations of abuse, though the charges don’t indicate her profession.

She then contacted police in Shoreline, where Thompson once lived, the charges say. Shoreline contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for police services.

Detectives interviewed the former student, who was 17 and 18 when he had sex with Thompson in her unmarked patrol car, her personal vehicle and her Shoreline residence as well as at [Thompson’s] parents’ home in Arlington, charging papers say. They also once had sex in the woods off the Burke-Gilman trail between Woodinville and Bothell, say the charges.

The lesbian cop’s domestic partner is “mandated by law to report allegations of abuse” — perhaps a teacher or a health-care worker — yet thought nothing of Thompson’s idea of having this profoundly disturbed teenager move into their home?

A society under pressure to accept deviant sexual behavior as normal — the “Emerging Awareness” Doctrine that was the crux of the landmark 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling — finds itself unable to make necessary judgments. Decisions about who should be entrusted to supervise vulnerable young people are among the most important decisions in any society. The vast majority of people (more than 97%, according to federal research) are heterosexual, and the vast majority of sex offenders are also heterosexual. But for many years, our society has been under pressure to accept homosexuality as normal, so that anyone who objected to a lesbian policewoman being appointed as school resource officer would have been condemned as a homophobe.

“Discrimination! Hate! Prejudice!”

So, hey, here’s a teenage lesbian –a young butch who subsequently decides she wants to be a man — having personal “turmoil” at home, and she’s becoming unusually friendly with the lesbian cop. Maybe the tolerant and enlightened staff at Bothell High School viewed this as a sort of beneficial mentoring, but if anyone suspected anything was wrong with this situation, what could they say? If this had been a male cop who seemed to be getting too friendly with a teenage girl, no one would hesitate to raise an alarm, but how dare you suspect a homosexual of inappropriate interest in a minor?

Some things are predictable and some things are not, but when you destroy moral tradition, don’t be surprised by the unhappy results.

Ideas Have Consequences, and bad ideas have bad consequences.

BONUS IRONY: Powerpoint slide show about “Sex Offender Community Information” produced by . . . Detective Dion Thompson.

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