Top 5 Things Liberals Never Remember On Independence Day

The Fourth of July is much more that flags and barbecue, it’s about American severing ties with the tyranny of King George and declaring independence.

Allen West Republic came up with a list that should help remind all those liberals out there of the REAL meaning of Independence Day!

1. It’s about taxation without representation: Taxation is now in fact the redistribution of wealth in the name of fairness. What charities once gave, “entitlements” now take.

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2. It was about Religious Freedom: What the ACLU was once FOR, they are now AGAINST. They are using a made up accusation of discrimination to prevent the actual practice of religious convictions.



3. It was about unjust laws: They did not pass the Bill of Rights to “see what’s in it.” It was thoroughly debated before it was brought to a vote.

4. It was about owning firearms: Simply put, YOU are the militia and government is the reason you need to bear arms.


5. It was about seizure of property: Now it is okay to seize your property for the common good. That is a key tenet of socialism and communism.



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